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Monday, May 27, 2013

Playing with semantics just won't cut it! Senile Peres himself admits: Bibi is behind it all. So.....

 If Bibi denies Jews our G-d given right of self-defense, Bibi is a murderer; and as a murderer, he should be dealt with as with a murderer; no extenuating circumstances allowed! We should not and will not tolerate any further such criminal activity on his part. He has no right to deliberately endanger our lives for his own political - or other - survival. We know who is behind him, who is breathing down his neck, but that is no excuse. Who knows what kind of political deals he has made with Hillary, with Obama, with Putin, etc. Remember Kastner, how Kastner sacrificed hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews in order to save less than two thousand, among others his own relatives and friends. That is not permitted: Bibi is NOT allowed to sacrifice Yesha Jews in order to save who knows whom. One of three situations in which you have to sacrifice your own life according to Torah, is if you are being asked to kill a fellow Jew. You have to be willing to die rather than kill another Jew. This, Bibi is not willing to do. Therefore he is a murderer until proven otherwise. Let honest and non-corrupt rabbis decide what should be his fate. 

Please send this to the Knesset. Thank you, DS 

Police: Accident Not Caused by Rocks

Mother and two children trapped and injured when car overturns in Samaria. Eyewitnesses said there were rocks on the road.

By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 5/27/2013, 10:21 AM

Israel news photo: Flash 90
A mother and her two children were injured when their car overturned near Migdalim, in Samaria, Monday morning.
The Judea and Samaria Police said that the mother and her 12-year-old daughter were trapped in the car. A baby boy was extricated from the car.
One of the children was in serious condition, according to initial reports. The mother and another child suffered light to moderate wounds.
Police discredited initial reports that the car may have overturned after Arabs hurled rocks at it. Several drivers who passed the location of the accident said that there were rocks on the road.
Police said that trackers deployed to the scene of the accident found no evidence that rocks had been thrown at the car.
Adelle Biton, 3, who was seriously injured when a rock was thrown at her mother's car in Samaria, was transferred to Beit Levinstein Hospital for rehabilitation Sunday. She was in critical condition for 2.5 months, but her life is no longer in danger. She is, however, only partially conscious.

Police: No Rocks in Samarian Auto Accident

The Samaria (Shomron) and Judea police issued a statement, Monday morning, that its personnel could not find evidence to support claims by eyewitnesses that the throwing of rocks by Arabs was to blame for the overturning of a car near the Samarian Jewish community of Migdalim. A woman and her two children were injured in the accident.
The accident occured slightly less than two months after a Hevron man was convicted of murder in the 2011 traffic death of Asher and Yonatan Palmer of Kiryat Arba'. Authorities initially determined human error in the crash but it was later determined that the car went out of control as a result of a stone that went through the windshield and struck Asher Palmer in the face.

Stoning Victim Adelle Biton Released to Rehabilitation

Three-year-old Adelle Biton of the Samarian (Shomron) Jewish community of Yakir, who was critically wounded in a rock attack, two-and-a-half months ago near the western Samarian city of Ariel, was released from Schneider Children's Hospital in Petach Tikva on Sunday. Her life is no longer in danger. She is, however, only partially conscious. 
Accompanied by her family, Adelle was transferred to the pediatric and youth unit of the Beit Levinstein rehabilitation facility in Ra'anana, northeast of Tel Aviv.

Peres: My Words were Coordinated with Netanyahu

Following criticism of his speech on Sunday to the World Economic Forum in Jordan, in which he supported the two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict and called Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority a peace partner, President Shim'on Peres said his words were coordinated with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, according to a Monday-morning report by the Ma'ariv daily.
Talking to Israeli reporters before the speech, Peres made it clear that the two discussed the speech on Friday. The Prime Minister's Office chose not to respond to the question of coordination between the two.


Just as I said: Gantz, i.e. Yaalon, i.e. Bibi, are willing to SACRIFICE the Jews of Judea and Samaria on the altar of peace. That is MURDER, plain and simple. That is MOLECH stuff. That is UNJEWISH, that is CRIMINAL, and that is UNACCEPTABLE.

All these people have to be considered MURDERERS, and have to be dealt with as such. Each and every one of them will have to be held to account for their shameful sell-out of their fellow Jews to a cruel enemy. I am sure G-d Himself is keeping tab of their deeds.  

Gantz Tells Knesset Why IDF Can't Protect Jews

Chief of Staff explained that changing IDF's open-fire orders will lead to escalation and loss of control.

By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 5/28/2013, 11:35 AM

IDF Chief of Staff Gantz
IDF Chief of Staff Gantz

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz explained to the Knesset Tuesday why, in his view, the IDF cannot offer protection to the Jews of Judea and Samaria by firing at Arabs who terrorize them on the roads and in their homes on a daily basis.

Speaking in the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Gantz acknowledged that “There is pressure by Knesset Members to change the orders for opening fire.”

However, he went on, “If we let go of the reins, there will be escalation and we will lose control.”

Gantz said that the briefings given to soldiers in the field before they go on security missions “need to be improved” but that in the end, the soldiers will continue to operate “in accordance with the present orders, without changing them.”

He added: “We give Nitzan Alon our backing.”

Major General Nitzan Alon is the Head of Central Command. He was appointed by Ehud Barak and is seen as a left-wing general by many leaders of the Jewish settlement enterprise. These leaders believe – or believed until today – that the current defeatist spirit of instructions to IDF soldiers can be gotten rid of, if Alon is replaced by someone else.

Alon appeared before the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee last week, and representatives of the Jewish communities had hoped to face him directly in the presence of MKs. This plan was forestalled when Alon insisted on the settlers' leaving the room before he began to speak, and it later became clear that Minister of Defense, Moshe Yaalon, had given his backing to this precondition.

The Knesset has recently been told that rock throwing attacks in Judea and Samaria are up threefold from 2011, and firebomb attacks are up fourfold. IDF soldiers are complaining that current IDF instructions forbid them from firing at terrorists except in the most extreme of circumstances. Rock and fire bomb attacks are taking place not just against vehicles on the roads but even against homes and people walking inside their communities.

And more of the same... read the comments below the text too, they are good. Something really needs to be done, and I am all for it. Maybe it is time for a major campaign here too: NO GUN CONTROL IN ISRAEL! SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS IN ISRAEL! "EVERY JEW A 22"! The PTB will hate it, but if the campaign reaches a certain momentum, compliments of Americans who understand the Second Amendment, we might be able to get some result before things get totally out of control - for us, not for Gantz and his ilk.

‘This Isn’t Jerusalem, it’s Palestine’

Jerusalem woman describes daily Arab terror. ‘The situation gets worse from day to day.’

By Maayana Miskin
First Publish: 5/29/2013, 8:27 AM

Man waves PLO flag in Jerusalem
Man waves PLO flag in Jerusalem

Ten years ago Batya Kayman and her newlywed husband decided to move from New York to Jerusalem and to build their home in the Jewish state. The couple moved to the tree-lined, middle-class French Hill (Givah Hatzarfatit) neighborhood in northern Jerusalem, fulfilling their dream of aliyah.
Now, ten years on, the dream is becoming a nightmare, Batya Kayman told Arutz Sheva.
Jewish families in the neighborhood, which borders on Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital, are constantly harassed by Arab youth from nearby Arab neighborhoods, she said. The harassment has grown so bad that she fears to leave her home.
“The Arabs from the villages come here in organized groups. They go into parks and courtyards and steal everything, and they often use violence,” she related.
She described just one recent incident of many, “Yesterday two Arabs came into our backyard and ate fruit from our tree. I told them to go away. They told me this isn’t Jerusalem, it’s Palestine, and the house belongs to them.”
“There were four arson attacks here last Friday. The situation is getting worse here from day to day,” she continued. “We don’t want Jerusalem to become an Arab city.”
Other families are afraid as well, she said, “There’s a park here on Abba Berditchev Street. The Arabs flood it every afternoon, spitting, acting crazy. People are afraid to leave their homes and come here.”
Israelis living in the neighborhood have started to take steps to protect themselves, she noted. “We asked the city to station guards here. At the same time, we’re trying to organize a civilian patrol group.”
City officials sent a statement in response, “The city of Jerusalem takes acts of violence in the French Hill neighborhood very seriously, and has acted and will continue to act in cooperation with the police… to improve residents’ sense of security.”
“In recent months, the city invested many resources in the neighborhood,” the statement continued, “among them putting in security cameras, adding lights for safety, improving the security system in neighborhood schools… The City Council leadership, led by the Mayor, is also working with police to improve the sense of safety and the response to violent incidents in the neighborhood.”
Israeli Jewish families living in French Hill have complained of Arab harassment for several years. In late 2012 the campaign of terror escalated with the stabbing of an Israeli woman in front of her two young children, and arson attacks which police agreed had “nationalist motives.”


DS said...

S. said:

I also sense that the time for semantics is over. Mr. Netanyahu must be put on stern notice on that his betrayals are exposed and will cause harsh consequences.

I never trusted the treacherous charlatan. He is an underhanded manipulator with only his gain as goal.

DS said...

B. said:

Must tell you all about the make belief "targiil".
I was present at our shelters twice and NO ONE else showed up, and certainly no one came over to teach what to do in case of chemical weapons attack.
At noon the Municipality "community organizer" opened the MIKLAT, closed it and left.
I do not know about elsewhere but here it was a painful farce.

DS said...

DS reply to B.

So what's the point of this targil, tell me? I heard the siren too, so what? Maybe to DESENSITIZE us to the sirens, so when the REAL siren comes we won't run to the shelters? I know in the US drills are always suspect, and are used as cover for terror attacks; most terror attacks happened during drills, which is a giveaway that the 'terror' attack was really a psyop from the gov. Same in London. Knowing that the US and Israel work hand in hand, I wonder what the meaning of drills here means. Could it be why there was an attack on Kochav Yaakov today:? Was the drill used as a cover? I am not sure I understand how it works, but Alex Jones, and not only him, have clearly linked drills with terror attacks. What could be the mechanism here? As you say, the goal of the drill was clearly not to teach anybody anything, since nobody came.

So, who has enough military sixth sense to explain to us what exactly these drills represent?

DS said...

Rabbi Dov said:

The Knesset supports Bibi!

DS said...

Reply to Rabbi Dov:

So, Rabbi Dov, are you saying there is nothing to do? I don't believe this. Are we going to let the modern-day Nazis do the same they did 70 years ago, and keep silent? So now instead of the Jews of Europe it is the Jews of Eretz Yisrael, the Jews of Yehuda and Shomron. So Bibi is one good Kapo, and the Knesset is on the side of the Kapo, are you saying? So who will stand up for the Jews of Eretz Yisrael? NOBODY????????? NEVER AGAIN means NOTHING??????

DS said...

They do this to us all the time, compliments of Obama, Hillary, Kerry and co. When they do it in the US, all of a sudden it's evil.


From ABC News

Kentucky Cop Shot Dead in Roadside Ambush

Authorities are searching for clues in the shooting death of a Bardstown, Ky., police officer who was ambushed along a highway exit ramp after leaving his car to remove debris from the road.

State police believe the debris was intentionally placed to draw someone out of their vehicle, but they're not sure whether a law enforcement officer was the target or someone else.

"I've been a trooper for 19 years and I've never seen anything like this, the level of planning," Trooper Norman Chaffins with the Kentucky State Police told The State Police are the lead agency on the investigation.

K-9 Officer Jason Ellis, 33, was on his way home at 2:53 a.m. Saturday morning when he stopped on the exit 34, the same ramp he took every day off the Blue Grass Parkway in Nelson County, 10 miles from Bardstown. When Ellis began removing debris from the roadway, he was shot multiple times. Kentucky State Police wouldn't say what the debris was, calling it a crucial part of the investigation.

"It wasn't a traffic stop that went bad. It wasn't an arrest that went bad," said Bardstown Chief of Police Rick McCubbin. "That someone actually took the time to plan it and set it up makes it that much more, obviously hurtful, but it makes you mad."

Shortly after the attack, a passing motorist found Ellis, whose vehicle lights were still flashing, and called police using the radio in the officer's cruiser. The motorist described the scene as if it was an apparent traffic accident, but when a trooper arrived, it became clear that this was no accidental death.

"We have no suspects at this time, but we don't believe kids were responsible because of how calculated the crime was. The location was obviously not picked randomly," said Trooper Chaffins.

"Officer Ellis didn't even have time to remove his gun," said the trooper.

The shooting occurred in a rural area and no witnesses have yet come forward. Ellis had a dash-cam installed in his car, but it was not on at the time of the shooting.

Kentucky State Police are asking for the public's help in identifying anything that seemed unusual or out of place on the exit 34 ramp prior to the shooting.

"The smallest detail that may not seem important to a lay person may be the one detail we need to bring someone to justice," said investigators in a statement. Citizens are asked to "Text a Tip" or visit the Kentucky State Police online or email a public affairs officer.

"I can assure you we won't give up on this person until we have him either in custody or in the front side of one of our weapons and I personally hope the latter is the choice," said Chief McCubbin.

Ellis was a seven-year veteran of the Bardstown Police Department and is the first officer killed in the line of the duty for this small agency, located about 40 miles south of Louisville. Ellis leaves behind his wife and two sons.

DS said...

Anonymous says:

I identified the syndrome and plans years ago as well.
The unJews are mortal enemies, not our "brothers" or "sisters".
Quite likely they also computer select certain soldiers for the most dangerous missions.
Besides severing Gantz and his garbage from command, also their civilian leads must go. Peres, Livni, Weinstein, Netanyahu, the police command, the SHABAK command, etc. OUT!
Out of any function of state and passports removed. They must be given orders to remain available for investigation by a freely elected commission.

I beg our people to arm themselves and fast. The GoI is on its way to complete betrayal in all fronts, including Iran.
The "idf" will attack violently JEWS only. Whole communities are already targeted.

DS said...

There are no accidents:

The World Economic Forum attended by Peres was in AMMAN, Jordan. Not surprisingly, the exact same week as this event took place, Bibi, Gantz, Yaalon, Nitzan Alon and company all agreed to sacrifice settler babies to the Moloch - after all, they refuse to do anything against killer rocks, against rocks that smash babies heads.

Well, guess what I found out: in Amman, Jordan, there is an ancient TEMPLE TO MOLOCH!

There are no accidents in the spiritual world. The horrible Tum'h of Ammon, of Amman, of the World Economic Forum in Jordan, apparently infected Israeli leadership to the point that they all concur that sacrificing Jewish children, and their parents, is perfectly OK.

May Hashem be a witness to their abominations, and cause His fire to fall on whoever is joining this cult of death against Jewish children.