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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"The Stench of Deceit", Part XII: the DEADLY PLAN reiterated, this time by Avi Dichter, ex Shabak head. What are we going to do about it???


Dichter: Israel Must Ready for Syrian Alawite Refugees

Member of Knesset Avi Dichter of Kadima warned on Saturday that Israel must prepare itself for an influx of Syrian Alawite refugees following the inevitable fall of Syrian President Bashar Assad.  Speaking at an event at the Tel Aviv Museum on Saturday, Dichter explained that once Assad, an Alawite, is ousted from power, the country's Sunni majority will begin a mass execution of the minority Alawite sect.

About the latest disinformation/news distortion/news blackout:

And the very latest update, June 2012:

About NATO's treachery and evil plans:

About Avi Dichter:

About the Shabiha:

About the sword hanging over Israel's head, if she doesn't cooperate with NATO and the US:


Dear friends,

Shavuah Tov.

Based on all the information I have gathered until now, which you can find in the posts listed above, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that NATO, together with the U.S. of course, which is part of it, and in collusion with the current leadership of the state of Israel, which is working closely with it as well, intends to invade Syria, TAKE THE GOLAN, AND ALLOW THE ALAWITES INTO ISRAEL. The latter item had been stated by IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz on January 10, 2012, then denied by the IDF following massive outrage, but was confirmed again tonight, one month later, by none other than Avi Dichter, ex Shabak head, Kadima MK, and Brookings Institute researcher ( Brookings is affiliated with the CFR). Now again, allowing the Alawites into Israel means to me, - based on NATO, the UN, the US, and the Vatican's ultimate goal, which is to evacuate Judea and Samaria, divide Jerusalem, and take control of it, -  letting those 20,000 +- ALAWITE ASSASSINS, THE SHABIHA, INTO ISRAEL. It is clear, from everything you have read so far, that mercenary armies are the fashion of the day, a convenient and politically expedient front behind which criminal sovereign countries can hide their murderous dirty deeds. See all the previous posts linked above for proof of what I am saying.

  This seems to me to be a deliberate and gradual attempt to brainwash the Israeli public into resigning itself to a supposed "inevitability", which will only be inevitable if the government of Israel so chooses.

Are we going to allow these cold-blooded murderers, these horrible criminals, these Amalekites, into our country? Isn't there going to be massive outrage, won't there be massive demonstrations against this? As I have told you, the proof of this plan is in the posts above, if you bother to read them carefully. The plan originated from NATO and is being fulfilled as we speak. And remember that NATO and the UN are working hand in hand, and they work hand in hand with the Vatican - proof provided as well in the above articles from last year. 

There is a lot more to talk about the plans of the Vatican, but right now I do not have either the time or the energy to put all this together. However believe me that it is very well planned, they know exactly what they are doing, and Bibi is cooperating with them fully.

Please do not be blinded, see what they are preparing for us. Open your mouths, stand up for Am Yisrael, stand up for Eretz Yisrael.

Shavuah Tov



 See below, in the Comments section, about the planned news black-out by CNN, coming out of Washington no doubt, - if the story holds - simultaneously with the planned invasion by the monsters; why am I being reminded of Hitler's news blackout? Of the New York Times' silence, etc. etc.?? It was of utmost importance for Hitler to do his Jew killing secretly. Hitler's heirs have learned their lesson very well, and they will make sure that this time again, the Jew killing is not being broadcast to the world; there are still a few Americans and decent people in the world, not to mention the all important Jewish American voters, who would be quite outraged to see -again! - the intended massacre of Jews the U.S. is actively cooperating with. 

CNN is now denying ill intent, but names have been named, dates have been given; so if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, is it, or is it not a duck? See about the CNN disclaimer in the Comments section.

 -This article claims that the story is untrue:

-Yet this one claims that it is at least partly true:

Either way let this be a warning to CNN: their evil deeds will not go unnoticed.

Beware that other news agencies might follow suit; their behavior will therefore need to be tracked as well. We shall closely observe the flow of news out of Israel to determine whether there is indeed a progressive and biased news black-out, and if there is the responsible parties will be exposed for the whole world to see.


DS said...

Of course Israel has to take them in for the same reason the Czars of Russia made a deal with the Cossacks that turned them from bandits into the most trusted of the Czar's psychopath squads. Other tyrants called them "Janissaries" or Waffen SS. Here they will wear Yassam uniforms and do the dirty work with alacrity.


DS said...

I suggested that would be he case several weeks ago,
This GoI ensemble will do just as you say.

DS said...

And aren't we going to do a thing about it? It seems to me that in this case public outrage might have an effect. They think they can do it in secret.

DS said...

But SHmuel, maybe it hasn't been stated in a clear enough, succinct enough way. Hopefully this short expose will open a few eyes and ears, specially when they see it being played out as we speak. Until now it was only theory. No longer. It is fact, sadly.

DS said...

This last comment was made in response to SHmuel, who said:

"We and that includes you of course have clearly warned about the extreme danger.
I am afraid that most of the Jews are either resigned or collaborating."

SHmuel was also the author of comment #2, sorry I forgot to mention him:

"I suggested that would be he case several weeks ago,
This GoI ensemble will do just as you say."

DS said...

Jack sent this:

CNN Fires Entire Jewish Staff Of Israel Bureau – And Retains Only Arab Reporters

> February 9th, 2012
CNN’s Israel bureau is downsizing, reportedly to cope with a reduced budget due to falling advertising revenues.

That doesn’t explain why they fired four Israeli Jewish journalists (out of a crew of 8), and retained only Arab journalists. The local chief editor of CNN is now an Arab.

Among the long time news personnel let go were Moshe Cohen, editor, fired after 10 years with CNN; Izi Landberg, Producer, about 25 years with CNN; Avi Kaner cameraman fired after 10 years with CNN; and Michal Zippori desk producer.

CNN’s usual procedure in the past was to send both a Jewish and an Arab reporter out on stories. Now, they’re only going to send an Arab journalist, with all that implies. It’s no secret to anyone that Arab journalists have to toe the Fatah and Hamas line if they want to do reporting on stories in Gaza and the Arab occupied areas of Judea and Samaria without taking the risk of being murdered.

CNN’s coverage of Israel and the Middle East conflict has been questionable for a very long time, and it’s going to get even worse now that it will only be reported from one side’s point of view. The fact that this also coincides with the brass at CNN’s point of view and their willingness to take steps to ignore even basic journalistic ethics to promote shows how far a once respected news source has fallen.

(hat tip, Jean-Patrick Grumberg at

See my interpretation in next comment.

DS said...

So they can hide the coming carnage against Jews.... Like nothing ever happened.

....It's called 'news blackout', and I am sure it is coordinated in the highest levels of Washington policy. They know exactly what is coming in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and doesn't want the world to know. Even more reason for us to have our own news system. We need our own video cameras, and news outlets, more than ever.

DS said...

Jack replied:

I fear you are right.

He had also said earlier:

The only surprise is that they no longer feel the need to even look objective.

DS said...

M. said:






DS said...

The exact address of the article about CNN:

The journalists have been named, with dates, in case anybody claims it's a hoax, as I have already noticed it being circulated.

Very embarrassing information both for CNN and for the Administration. Not something they want the whole world to know, obviously.

DS said...


Well, at least they are being put on the spot. A good thing this piece of news was exposed for all to see. It will be quite a bit harder for them do pull one like that from now on.

Let's hope that our campaign to keep the Alawites out of Israel will work too.

BTW, according to Wikipedia,( see link provided) the Alawites are descendents of the HITTITES ( Chitim), one of the 7 Canaanite nations. They certainly have NO BUSINESS whatsoever being in Eretz Yisrael.

DS said...

I meant, this:

CNN Denies Firing Jewish Staff

The Cable News Network (CNN) denied, over the weekend, that it had fired Jewish staff at its Jerusalem bureau.

CNN wrote, in a Saturday blog, "Rumors that CNN is only employing Arabs in its Jerusalem Bureau are completely false. There are Israeli Jews working in CNN’s Jerusalem bureau. The bureau chief, Kevin Flower, is not Arab as some have speculated. We strongly reject any suggestion that the reorganization in the Jerusalem bureau is in any way based on the small number of contract employees concerned being Israeli, particularly given CNN’s long history of working with locals in the region."

DS said...

The Alawites:

DS said...


Never thought I would say that, but THIS IS GOOD:

Assad is winning: good for us!

DS said...

Moshe said:

i told u what this about... let these slime come to israel because now they're all of a sudden our best buds now that they are in trouble... so now the slime who usurp our country will have an excuse to give away the golan to these mortal enemy scum alawites... just sick!!! mosh.out...

DS said...

Jack sent this, very interesting:

Posted 2/14/2012

Steven Plaut

It is a quote I have posted before, but the timing is such that it needs to be raised again.

Here is a quiz: Can you name the Zionist who said the following:

"Those good Jews brought civilization and peace to the Arab Muslims, and they dispersed gold and prosperity over Palestine without damage to anyone or taking anything by force. Despite this, the Muslims declared holy war against them and did not hesitate to massacre their children and women…. Thus a black fate awaits the Jews and other minorities in case the Mandates are cancelled and Muslim Syria is united with Muslim Palestine."

Those with good memories may recall the answer. This statement is from a letter sent to the Prime Minister Léon Blum of France in June 1936 by six Syrian Alawi notables (the Alawis are the ruling class in Syria today) in support of Zionism. Bashar's great-grandfather, Suleiman al-Assad, was one of them. That is right – the great-grandfather of the dictator currently massacring his own civilians supported Zionism. He and the rest of the Alawi leadership did so for a variety of reasons. (Source, Daniel Pipes, Greater Syria - The History of an Ambition, Oxford U Press, p. 179 -

The Alwais are a Shi'ite minority group that is not even regarded as Muslim by most other Muslims, and the Alawis, traditionally, did not see themselves as Arabs at all. To survive, they struck a deal with the French colonial occupiers of Syria and Lebanon. The French, essentially, put the Alawis in power as their puppets in Syria. The Alawis feared the French would withdraw from Syria as tensions grew in Europe, leaving the Alawis high and dry. At the very least they sought to form a separate Alawi mini-state independent of Syria, one that would not be oppressed by the Arabs, should Syria gain independence.

The Alawi leadership, which included Grampsy Assad (or should I call him Zayde Assad?), dispatched a letter to the Jewish socialist Prime Minister of France, Léon Blum, begging him to remain in Syria, and expressing emotional support for Zionism. In their letter, they denounced Arabs and Muslims as barbarians who would persecute and massacre all minorities, if the French were to leave Syria. The Jews, by contrast, were held up, by the signers of the statement, as the model of civilized people who bring progress and tolerance when they migrate into and area.

DS said...

Reply to Jack:

You see, Jack, I also wrote that it is to our advantage that el-Assad remain in power in Syria, that NATO is a worse enemy for us than that current status quo. But I didn't realize this connection, Very interesting. Still, we don't want the Shabiha in Israel for sure.

And what about them being possibly one of the seven Canaanite nations, the Hittites, according to Wikipedia? That is one theory

DS said...

Jack replies:

We agree about NATO and we agree about the Shabiha and the Alawites.

There once were two cats in Kilkenny
Each thought there was one cat too many
So they fought and they fit
And they scratched and they bit
'Til except for their nails
And the tips of their tails,
Instead of two cats, there weren't any.

Are they the Hitites? I don't know and it makes no difference, really. They have no legacy from the Hitites and no continuity from them either. There is reason enough to not allow them refuge here. It's ludicrous that it's even a subject for discussion.

DS said...

Barak: Assad Regime to Topple Within Weeks

Defense Minister Ehud Barak concluded his meeting with Japanese Defense Minister Naoki Tanaka. They discussed A-Jad’s nuclear development announcement, and the importance of paralyzing Irans nuclear program with debilitating sanctions. Barak also mentioned that the Assad regime in Syria would topple within a matter of weeks, and that this would be a blow to the Iran-Assad-Hizbullah axis of evil.

My comment:

... And I bet he is helping too: which means that even on Syria we are on opposite sides of the fence; this Rasha WANTS the Alawites in Israel, or he wouldn't be looking forward to Assad's fall.

DS said...

Moshe replied:

no it won' be a blow to them... not with israel stupidly offering them asylum... besides... who will come to power there...? only worse than assad cretins like islamic jihad or muslim brohood... don't be ridiculous to listen to anything ehud "winnie-the-pooh" barak has to say... he's a consummate pathological liar... and blind and deaf to boot...

DS said...

SHmuel replied:

I hope so.
But if Barak says it... well.. grain of salt advised.
On Iran I do not believe Barak at all. Nada.

DS said...

The latest: