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Sunday, February 19, 2012

... And not only in children: this story has to be told!

 Medical tyranny: first vaccines, now this... I long for the days when medicine was real medicine; maybe I would practice again! These days it is turning into a sick farce ( at least, but not limited to - those two areas - vaccinations, and psychiatry). 

Unfortunately once you are part of the system you can't pick and choose, you are beholden to "them".

 As a physician it is my OBLIGATION to fight psychiatric drug tyranny; I know first hand those drugs' ill effects; just recently I was faced with a similar case with Risperdal in the U.S.; others can testify to this. 

The Soviets used psychiatry to control the population and punish dissenters; we have to be forever vigilant that this not happen to us.

 View the documentary below too, if you can find the time: you will never touch psychotropic drugs again, and neither will you let anybody in your family touch those products again ( unless somebody is profoundly psychotic or manic-depressive, in which case I would reconsider).

About Dr. Thomas Szasz: a brilliant and popular professor, rejected by the medical establishment for his views - of course; it sounds so familiar!

Here below is a very interesting interview of him. His biography reminds me a little bit of my own! Strangely enough, I still remember a close and much older friend of my mother's, a Mme Szasz, and her delicious Viennese pancakes: my mother tended to her when she became very old and lonely; my parents also came from Budapest, and I read here that Dr. Szasz's older brother lived in Switzerland; I suspect that the Szazs's I knew and Dr. Thomas Szasz were related; my parents and his family must have been friends... small world. Even though he was(is?) an assimilated Jew, he is profoundly spiritual, and has a typical Jewish approach to the mind, the soul, and personal responsibility. I would like to meet him one day, B"H.

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DS said...

David said:

"Anti-Psychiatry" is an old movement of professionals.
The situation in Israel is NOT much better.
These practices are brutal and destructive.

Moshiach's first engagement is MEDICINE.

I am sure those psyciatric practices are among the first things to be outlawed.

David Pisanti
Bio-Medical Engineer.