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Thursday, February 2, 2012

" The Stench of Deceit, Part IX" : Deceit, or not deceit? Destination Persian Gulf, or destination Eilat? Maybe Iran, but meanwhile we are being surrounded by nuclear submarines!

In Advance Of Third Aircraft Carrier Approaching Iran, US Nuclear Sub And Destroyer Enter Red Sea

 Destination Persian Gulf? US nuclear sub and destroyer enter Red Sea

Published: 31 January, 2012, 02:06


Here are some maps for you to study

Two ships of the US Navy, the nuclear submarine USS Annapolis and the destroyer USS Momsen have passed through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea. Although their destination is confidential, they are now getting dangerously close to the Persian Gulf.
­The ships’ passage was a major operation for the Suez administration as due to safety reasons they had to close off the canal to all other traffic and even shut down the bridge, disrupting the link between the banks for some four hours. The traffic on the roadways alongside the canal was also restricted, Interfax news agency reports.
There are no reports regarding the destination of the vessels, but the news come amid the ongoing crisis in the relationship between the US and Iran. There is mounting speculation that the Annapolis and the Momsen are heading to the Persian Gulf to reinforce the US naval forces already present in the region.
Currently the US has two aircraft carrier groups in the region headed by USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Carl Vinson. It is expected that another aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise, will join the strike force in March.
Since the EU placed a new round of sanctions on Iran by putting an embargo on Iranian oil, Iran is once again threatening to use military force to close the Strait of Hormuz.
Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti maritime official said on Monday that the Gulf Cooperation Council group of Arab countries have contingency plans for coastguards and naval forces should there be an attempt by Iran to shut down the Strait of Hormuz.

Meanwhile, two months ago, a US nuclear submarine crossed the Suez Canal in the opposite direction, in the direction of Israel and Syria. So my question to you is: what are all those nuclear submarines doing surrounding Israel? Who is the enemy here? Deceit, or no deceit?

Military of China, force comment.

International military » U.S. nuclear submarine sailed through the Suez Canal, Syria

U.S. nuclear submarine sailed through the Suez Canal, Syria

  Data for: the U.S.,” Los Angeles “class attack submarines.

People (microblogging) December 5 hearing, according to the news from Egypt, a U.S. nuclear submarine has gone from the Red Sea through the Suez Canal, Syria, near the waters are currently being driven away.
UAE “Gulf News” reported today that according to the news from Egypt, the U.S. nuclear submarine has 4 through the Suez Canal from the Red Sea, is heading for the Mediterranean, the waters near the destination is Syria. Suez Canal Authority report quoted sources as saying, “To ensure the safety of nuclear submarines pass, stop fishing within the canal, the bridge stopped traffic on the canal traffic for two hours, especially along the canal increased security measures during the submarine passage, canal Board sent a number of vessels, accompanied by guide, along with four Egyptian ships accompanying. “
” Gulf News “said, according to sources, the U.S. nuclear submarine through the Suez Canal is” George Bush “aircraft carrier battle group as part of the aircraft was on November 20 through the Suez Canal, near the Syrian deployment in the Mediterranean waters around, then along with the carrier’s five warships, including a supply ship, two frigates and two destroyers .
analysts believe that a large number of U.S. troops deployed in the Mediterranean fleet, not solely for the purpose as a deterrent, but for a military strike against Syria in preparation, while the use of force against Iran and Israel to the.


DS said...

D. said:

Until mid November 2012 any war moves by Obama will be against Iran. Until then there will be no UNSC action or NATO action against us. Now they may start their buildup here now and never leave. That is a different story.

DS said...

Reply to D:

Why so sure, D.? What if they are here to force Bibi's hand against Yesha?

DS said...

D. responds:

No, Ob... is slick. He will wait until the first Wednesday in November to start up something so controversial. Believe it or not, he still gets money from Jews in America for his campaign and for the campaigns of Congressional Democrats. So if he is coming now for that reason, he will not start up with the pressure until after the election. Yet, he may be building up for it now without disclosing his true intentions. That is possible.

DS said...

My reply to D.

OK. Good argument. However in the past all tragedies, including Gush Katif, happened on Tisha Be'Av, and their troops will be staying here till after the summer. So if Bibi intends to do a pinui I expect him to do that around Tisha Be'Av again this year. That is BEFORE November. How do you reconcile the two?

DS said...


It seems now they have company!

From A7:

Iranian Warships in the Mediterranean
Iranian warships have entered the Mediterranean for the second time in two years.
By Chana Ya'ar
First Publish: 2/18/2012, 7:28 PM

Suez Canal
Suez Canal
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Iranian warships have entered the Mediterranean Sea for the second time in two years, this time after having docked at the Saudi port of Jedda.
The official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) quoted Iranian navy commander Admiral Habibollah Sayari in reporting Saturday's movement of the ships through the Suez Canal on Saturday.

The destroyer Shahid Qandi and the Kharg supply ship were docked in Jedda two days ago, the AFP news agency reported.

The last time Iranian warships entered the Mediterranean was in February 2011, when the Kharg supply ship and the Alvand frigate passed through the canal and headed to the Syrian port of Latakia.

Israel's navy was placed on alert in response, and the U.S. expressed concern over the move as well.