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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update on " Inexplicable...." : Togarmah is getting it now! Togarmah, Gomer's son, , i.e. Gog's brother and partner in crime against Am Yisrael...,_Turkey
 ( it seems Van, where the earthquake happened, was one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey)


1. I won't count this as one of the plagues, as Rome and the papacy are not being directly affected. 

2. Dov Bear Bar-Leib should be proud: he is pretty much on the money as far as timing is concerned. Worth reading his blog, he makes a number of very good points:
3. See below Moshe's comment on "Inexplicable...". Moshe is a scholar, both Jewish and secular, and I take his opinion seriously; if he disagrees with me, he is probably right! However another reliable rabbi, Rabbi Y.H., gave me the thumbs up. So where lies the truth, is Gog sitting in Rome, London, Washington, or elsewhere? What do you think?

 4. Here is a link to information about "GOGMAGOG", Gog and Magog, in British history. The Lord Mayor's parade is apparently the oldest one in history. So Moshe definitely has a point here!
Moshe writes: no... it is called milchemet gog u'maygog... not gog run by a goad of gog an outside force... nor is it gog from the land of gog... but it is gog and the nation who came out from gog will unite to lead the nations against jerusalem... and gog is britain as they have a aparade every spring in the old city of london founded in roman times i believe whose first king was named gog... and the first float in this parade is dedicated to gog... and therefore if gog is england... who is maygog... the nation who came from gog...? why of course the good ol' us of a... these are the two most powerful forces in history bar none and they are aligned with the vatican and they according to phelps are planning to allow rome and the vatican to be destroyed in order to bring the pope who will "miraculously" survive the conflagration... and bring him to take over har habayit as his new home and site of his universal religion (definition of the word catholicism)... where the whole world will be made to bow down to the god of nimrod and nevuchadnetzer and of paro and all the greeks and roman ceasars... "lucifer" or ra or jupiter or zeus etc... same name for the same god-figure... or tammuz etc... and they will try to dupe us jews in israel especially that they really intend a universa, temple to Hashem by reconstructing solomon's temple on har habayit... but Hashem has already warned us 2000 yrs ago that this would be coming... so he gave yechezkel his nevuot of the third temple which will stand for all-time and LOOK NOTHING LIKE SHLOM'S FIRST ONE NOR EZRA AND NECHEMIA'S SECOND ONE... and of course it will be the exclusive beit hamikdash to hashem for torah-true judaism and the only thing that will be universal about this is that the whole rest of the world will now worship just Hashem and realize the jewish people and torah-true judaism are the only truth in history and that the land of israel is solely ours by command, covenant, gift, oath and will of G-d... and then those peoples of the nations left alive after Hashem wreaks His vengeance upon the world for their evil treatment of His precious first born son israel thruout history... the rest who are spared from each nation will properly serve G-d along with us and on that day Hashem will be one and His name will be one... finally at long long last... amen selah...
DS replies:
Moshe, thanks for your enlightening comments. Never heard of that parade of Gog, will have to read up on it. If I am wrong, I am wrong; at least this post will permit an honest debate. Thanks a lot. On the other hand, Rav Y.H. from Jerusalem said:' brilliant", as a comment to my post, so it seems that my take might not be entirely far-fetched, although it would seem unlikely, I must admit, that Rome could be Edom while the pope himself is Gog. Mi-Gog, yes, absolutely. Yet, Chazal surmise that Magog is a separate entity, a separate land. According to the commentary of Rav Breuer, it is somewhere in Russia. I guess there are as many opinions as there are commentators. But yours makes eminent sense, specially seeing what is happening today. Although I do contend that the pope and Obama work hand in hand, with the pope higher than Obama, since Obama is obviously receiving orders from others, CFR, etc. who are subservient to Rome. How do you explain that? So, how does Gog work with Edom/ Esav/ Amalek? Where is the role of each one? Maybe you have information I don't.Thanks for enlightening us.
Now that I think of it, maybe I should include this earthquake in the plagues of Rome, what do you say? ( I don't think I will, would rather not dilute the shock effect). Watch the video below, and decide. So many, many articles on this blog show the tight connection between Rome and Turkey, between Gomer and his son Togarmah. Ashkenaz, Germany, is the brother of Togarmah; how close can they be? They even LOOK alike! Watch the first speaker in the video, and see how he resembles Benedikt. Even politically, the Vatican and Turkey are extremely close. Search the blog for articles that detail this, using the labels "Turkey", "Vatican schemes and lies", "flotilla", "Temple Mount". And this video shows us the close connection between Catholicism and Islam as well. Now you know where all our troubles come from, don't you.


D. said...

She is coming ,
and she is not simulating it this time :)

DS said...

Moshe writes:

i told u this before... the slime are one org... they are edom writ large... they are the royal families of europe... the vatican and the blueblooded aristocracy here in the u.s.... they comprise the upper echelon of the slime... minor partners are the erev rav unjewish jews who run israel or who reside in amer, canada and britain... there are other groups who are bit-partners too... muslims, russians, chinese etc... the slime incorporate elitist scum to be found everywhere... they rule the world and their orgs cfr, bilderbergs etc just carry their water for them and islamic terrorists like the nazis a generation or so ago... do their dirty work for them around the globe... it's all one slime-machine... it's a three-headed hydra with many tentacles... it's pure evil and they intend owgov and religion... with absolute dictatorial despotic rule over every human mind and body... but first with 2/3 of the world pop eliminated in a third world war... and the rest who remain... as mindcontrolled serfs and abject slaves... G-d forbid of course... but the plan calls for this war to be triggered by a war of mutual destruction between israel and the a-rabs... see

DS said...

Reply to Moshe:

Yes, I understand. But where does GOG fit in all of this? It seems that Gog, Magog, Edom, Amalek, all blend into one big melting pot. Is that what Navi describes? All nations, whether from Shem, besides Israel, Cham or Yefeth all join in in one major war against Israel. Correct me if I am wrong. Where in Navi does it say that?

DS said...

Moshe retorts:

all nations united under gog to come against jerusalem... this is the un and nato and we know who rules these two orgs don't we...?

DS replies:

So therefore both you and I are right!

Moshe concludes:


Jesterhead45 said...

I thought the land of Magog was located in an area that includes Kerman (Kermania / Germania) and Sistan & Balochistan in southeast Iran along with the balochistan areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan?

DS said...

Moshe writes:

i do not know... u want to see lineages discussed from this week and last's parsha on the families of the earth... check out aryeh kaplan's living torah... togarmah is turkey... yavan is greece... arpachshad is iraq... tiras is spain or peras/persia... ashkenaz is germany... etc... also the gemorah in megilah says that amalek is located as of the time of the amoroiim in germania shel edom!!! i think it's on daf 12 or 15...

DS said...

Reply to Moshe:

"amalek is located as of the time of the amoroiim in germania shel edom!!!"

Wow. Was just reading an article in National Geographic, the last one, on the Germanic tribes that invaded the British Isles after the withdrawal of the Romans from there. What beasts they were, already then. Interesting.

Still don't get the connection between Ashkenaz son of Gomer, and Amalek, or Germamia shel Edom, if the Amoraim were right.


Jesterhead45 said...


Here is a better link regarding the location of Magog and appears to make a distinction between Edom's Germania and Kermania (which some refer to as Ishmael's "Germania").

Here is a quotes regarding Germania:

"The book "Seven Wisdoms" explains that after The Flood, the descendants of Yefet (Japhet) settled east to Babylon (Babylon was the place they all gathered at start, to build the tower), and places Germania as "Germanus Persicus" (Germany of Persia) in the history books, in an area named Kermania that changed its name to Kerman. In "Me’asef Nidahim" a similar conclusion is given."

DS said...

Dear Jesterhead,

Thanks for your comment; I forwarded it to Moshe, with a request to please comment on it after he reads it.

Will read the article myself when I have a minute, seems really interesting!