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Friday, October 28, 2011

STAY AWAY FROM THESE POISONS! Since now is '"flu shot" season, it's as good a time as ever to remind you of these truths; you do want kids and grand kids, don't you!? ...Plus some musings on the medical situation in Israel.

The article mentioned in the video you just saw, below, is in favor of influenza vaccination, and in favor of producing even more vaccines; however the lack of substantiation of the overall effectiveness of the standard influenza vaccine is quite remarkable, even if not quite as extreme as either Dr. Tenpenny or Alex Jones claim. On the other hand the evidence re: Guillain-Barre is well known and corroborated.

I would like to clarify that I am not opposed to vaccines in general, and have used them myself, as well as in my practice. But unfortunately, because of the misuse and abuse of that medical modality, and because of the lack of integrity of some, if not all, of the companies involved, the vaccine manufacturers have lost my trust. If I knew that a company is absolutely honest and works for the public good,  I would be the first one to try its products, provided independent research showed true effectiveness. But for such a situation to occur, the whole system has to be changed. It cannot be that the main financial beneficiaries of the vaccination campaigns are the very companies setting the rules as to who should get the vaccines; neither can it be that all research is done "in-house", either by scientists employed in one form or another by the financial beneficiaries themselves, or paid by NGO's or government bodies while those bodies themselves have an incestuous relationship with the said companies. These are unacceptable conflicts of interest, and nothing good can come out of such a set-up. So I would say: 


Researchers Believe Influenza Vaccines Need Improvement

Larry Hand

October 25, 2011 — Critical gaps exist in the evidence for the effectiveness of licensed influenza vaccines in the United States, researchers report in an article published online October 25 in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. Individuals who are at risk for medical complications or people who are aged 65 years or older are especially affected by the gaps, the researchers write.
The researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 31 studies that used laboratory tests to confirm influenza infections. These studies were selected from 5707 studies identified, published over a period of 40 years. The authors found that trivalent inactivated vaccine, which is used for 90% of influenza vaccinations in the United States, is only effective in preventing infection in 59% of healthy adults. They also found live attenuated influenza vaccine, which is not approved for adults who are aged 50 years or older, to be effective in 83% of children aged 7 years or younger, and in 69% of people younger than 65 years.
"The ongoing health burden caused by seasonal influenza and the potential global effect of a severe pandemic suggests an urgent need for a new generation of more highly effective and cross-protective vaccines that can be manufactured rapidly," write Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH, from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and lead author of the study, and colleagues. "In the meantime, we should maintain public support for present vaccines that are the best intervention available for seasonal influenza."
The researchers found no published papers on randomized controlled trials of trivalent inactivated vaccine efficacy in people aged 2 to 17 years or in adults aged 65 years and older. They also found no such trials for live attenuated influenza vaccine efficacy in people aged 8 to 59 years. In addition, they found "substantial variability" by season and age group.
Earlier research has shown vaccines to be from 70% to 90% effective in healthy adults if matched to the circulating strains. "The difference between 69% effectiveness and 90% effectiveness (or greater) will have a major public health effect in any pandemic that causes serious morbidity or increased mortality," the researchers write.
They recommend that industry and government form partnerships to accelerate research and reduce regulatory barriers to bring new vaccines already in development to market.
Lancet Infect Dis. Published online October 25, 2011.

P.S. I am amazed that some people in Israel still refer back to an obscure blog, written in poor English and full of fallacies, (such as my blaming China for the crisis)- obviously its author doesn't have good command of the English language :

That blog was written in 2009 to try to discredit me and my claims about the H1N1 vaccine, and my claims about Rome controlling the show. I have no idea who is behind the blog, and frankly didn't bother to find out, as I had more important things to deal with at the time. I never addressed the lies presented in that blog, which by the way were based on the following TV show in Hebrew on Israel TV:

I never addressed the libel claiming that I am an unlicensed doctor, even though I had - and have - full legal rights to do so. Actually I still do have, and did at the time have, a full and legitimate NY State medical license. The fact that I had not renewed my medical license in Israel in 2008 for personal reasons does not negate the fact that I was fully licensed in Israel from 2001 ( or was it 2002?) to 2008, after having  made aliyah from the US, and worked at Kupat Cholim Meuchedet for about 10 months. I left after writing a letter of resignation, no different from the hundreds of letters of resignation written by residents all over Israel; THEY know the truth about the inner workings of the medical system in Israel. Maybe I saw the writing on the wall a few years before they did! But now they are stuck, while I am free. Never was there any action taken against me as a physician in the 25 years I worked as a doctor; I had a private practice for many years in NY State, was loved by my patients, worked for many years in other situations as well prior to that, including two years of emergency room work . My CV is there for the asking for any legitimate person requesting it. Notice the hesitation of the TV anchor when she mentions my licensing status: she knows full well that she is standing on shaky grounds, as shaky as her voice!

This chapter is not over yet, folks. There are attorneys in Israel, all it takes is getting their help. This lie has been posted on the internet for two years now, it's been going on long enough. Maybe it is time for me to take action now. 11/11/11 seems like a perfect date to do so. After all, THEY started on 11/11/09. Time for the tables to be turned!

Just this past week, we have seen the heavy hand of Rome in the financial GLOBAL NEW WORLD ORDER. See this post:

They are not even hiding anymore. Didn't I warn yo...

Well, parallel to the action on the financial scene, - which was brought out into the open by Benedikt's encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, presented to the world July 7, 2009, and renewed just last week, see link above,  - , an action was going on at the WHO. That was initiated by the pandemic declaration in Geneva one month earlier, which set the stage for worldwide H1N1 vaccinations, as well as martial law in all nations members of the UN, that is, all nations except for Taiwan, Kosovo, and THE VATICAN at the time. Facts on the ground have borne this out, as you have repeatedly seen all over the news this past year. From Oakland to Athens - and  to Yesha, Israel -, you have seen those same hooded goons pouncing on the local population who only want freedom and human rights. Where is democracy? Where is freedom? Vanishing in front of our very eyes. Replaced by a totalitarian global regime.

 (How come the goons all look alike, I ask you? Don't you think they all went to the same school?)

 And of course, facts on the ground regarding the H1N1 vaccine fraud have been exposed by none other than the BBC, following the important lawsuit against the French Ministry of Health in 2010, which quickly stopped the H1N1 vaccine propaganda in its tracks, just as the "pandemic" was petering out on its own, even milder than a regular yearly flu season. So here too I was vindicated.

Not to be outdone, the Israeli Ministry of Health, which wasted US $100 million on that useless vaccine, quickly found a way to suppress national outrage over that huge waste by creating an artificial crisis at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. Remember all the media coverage about Chassidim protesting over the graves? What convenient timing! The public, which has a very short memory, forgot right away about the H1N1 panic, the propaganda, the slanted reports, and of course, the enormous financial drain.

I think that the Ministry of Health in Israel are getting exactly what they deserve these days. Doctors, residents, even nurses, are all rebelling against the conditions in which they have been forced to work. In which country, please tell me,  are doctors FORCED to go to work? Since when is the honorable medical profession treated like an army of servants, or rather, an army of slaves? Don't you think that the 400 million NIS that went down the toilet in the pathetic H1N1 vaccine purchase could have been better used to pay decent and appropriate salaries to doctors, and thereby attract good quality, content staff ? ( Actually, 450 million NIS; just 10% of that was used for actual vaccinations, which themselves were a waste and a danger; the rest was thrown down the tube). Now look at the situation Israel finds itself in: terror victims are arriving to hospitals; but where will the medical staff be? Are you going to force doctors to come take care of the wounded?

 Shame on you, Ministry of Health of Israel: Israel is now getting paid back in full for your deep errors in judgment - or worse.

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DS said...

David says:

It is not personal.

We know that the World of Medicine is ruled by the monstrous pharmaceutical companies
that control everything....
They are responsible for big crimes world wide.
I have studied Medical Engineering and been involved in research.
When we are more free from fighting for our security etc. we will have to get into those issues.
The Ministry of Health here is sickening.
See what they have done with Remedia-B and Vitamin BiBi.
My Hebrew is better than my English B"H.

David Pisanti