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Friday, December 3, 2010

Carmel Forest fire massacre: it wouldn't be a first time , would it now? Who could possibly be the culprits? When found, I suggest they be burned at the stake, as justice demands. Still, understand why this is befalling us. Shabbat Shalom and Chanukah Sameach.

Fire or a Massacre? Israeli Media Downplays Arson Suspicion

Kislev 25, 5771, 02 December 10 08:00
by Gil Ronen
( The fire in the Carmel Mountains may turn out to be the worst terror act in Israel's history, but major news outlets appear resolute in their will to ignore this possibility and its implications.
Israel's left-oriented major news media are on the whole defining the fire as a "disaster," spending most of their broadcast time discussing the insufficient preparation for a disaster of this magnitude and downplaying the fact that Arab arson is likely to be behind the blaze.
MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh) of the National Union was the first leader Thursday to publicly give voice the possibility that the fire was a terror attack – “an act of arson that turned into a massacre,” in his words. Most of the large forest fires in Israel are set by hostile Arabs, Katz said. He noted that he had proposed a bill for minimum punishment of terror arsonists nine months ago, and blamed Justice Minister Yaakov Ne'eman for torpedoing it.
Member of Knesset Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) called on Prime Minister Netanyahu Thursday evening to recruit “the entire Shin Bet” (Israel Security Agency) to investigate the Carmel Mountain fire and what he described as "the ongoing arson activity in the Galilee in general."
MK Ben-Ari said, "Fires are not decrees from above and the people of Israel must receive an answer regarding what's behind this great tragedy."
The fire spread from three locations simultaneously – making arson a likely possibility.
Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara (Likud), a resident of Usfiyeh, said on Channel 10 Thursday evening that he has received information that the fire is a terror act. He said that if the perpetrators are caught they should be executed "like [the Nazi criminal Adolf] Eichmann" who is the only person put to death by Israel to date.
Arab citizens of Israel use arson as a simple means of inflicting terror and destruction upon the Jewish state. Large scale fires recently consumed 5,000 acres in the Golan Heights. A fire was set in the Gilad Farm several weeks ago and an Arab was seen fleeing by a group of soldiers in the area..
The numerous large fires that broke out or were set this year depleted Israel's reserves of fire-fighting chemicals, and the supply of chemicals is expected to be used up completely by Friday morning. Israeli planes are reported to be en route to France to bring more supplies of fire-dousing materials.
According to an unconfirmed report on, Radio Haifa reported that Arabs have been dancing in the streets of Furadis, just south of Haifa, in celebration of the deadly fire.

ADDENDUM, brilliant insights from Yekutiel:

Voice of Judea Commentary:  Friday Erev Shabbat Miketz, Shabbat Hanuka 5771
Immediate Life-saving Lessons to learn from the tragic record-breaking Carmel forest-fire raging in Israel by Yekutiel
Introduction: We are living in unique and extra-ordinary times. G-d, in His infinite mercy upon His chosen nation, appears to be giving us clear and obvious signs, to awaken us, while there is still precious little time left. For those who have eyes and who wish to see, life-saving lessons can be learned. Those who refuse to see, will continue to deny the obvious.
(I would add: this is all occurring erev shabbat Mikeitz, the weekly Torah portion that deals with the drought and  with Yosef, who, as we discussed in last week’s shiur   is the example  for future generations  as the exemplification of seeing Hashem’s hidde- hand everywhere and despite  the fact Hashem does not speak openly to Yosef as he did to Abraham, Issac and Jacob,  Yosef  still sees the patterns and  interprets the dreams  almost as if Hashem spoke to him directly. Yosef Regev).
1-      Festival of lights turns into mourning of lights – from Jews defeating their enemies to a day of defeat for Jews in the hands of their enemies
2-      Miracle of lights to purify the Temple now turned into holiday in the hands of those who defile and desecrate the Mount.
3-      Hanukah lights in merit of Jewish faith and readiness to fight their enemies against the odds, while Carmel fire due to lack of Jewish willingness to place faith in G-d and expel enemies
4-      40 prison guards perish on mission to rescue and evacuate terrorists from prison –
5-      Headlines Thursday blare: 40 dead and 40 injured – 40, a number of warning before the storm
6-      The sin of the spies to bring tragedy, or faith to bring redemption
7-      Faith in Greeks or in G-d
8-      Hezi – Look to Hills and Heaven for salvation not in air for airplanes
9-      Yishai should resign for lack of fire-fighting readiness or for lack of readiness to expel fire-setters?
10-   Yishai betrays land for personal power, now forced as a result of that betrayal to forfeit his power
11-   Some things we can all do during this 11th hour in addition to speaking out on the real issues and lessons – join rescue units and support them – words from firefighter in the field

1-      The first day of the Festival of Lights turns into a day of national mourning of lights. Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara (Likud), a resident of Usfiyeh,( the starting point of the fire) said on Channel 10 Thursday evening that he has received information that the fire is a terror act. He said that if the perpetrators are caught they should be executed "like [the Nazi criminal Adolf] Eichmann".  Haifa Radio reported that Arabs have been dancing in the streets of Furadis, south of Haifa, in celebration of the deadly fire. This would not be the first arson set by Arabs in their war against the Jews and the Jewish state.
2-      If we are supposed to look at the tiny bit of pure oil that stayed lit for eight days as a miracle that symbolizes the greater miracle of the weak and tiny group of Jews who were victorious over their many and mighty enemies who defiled the Temple, then what could be learned from a raging unprecedented historic fire set by Israel’s enemies who also defile the Temple Mount and mock the Jews and the G-d of Israel?
3-      If the miracle of the festive lights of Hanukah come to symbolize the victory of the few Jews who show their faith and willingness to take-on the gentiles, against the odds, then could it be that the tragic lights of fire set by our enemies, that have already taken 40 lives come upon us for our lack of faith and lack of readiness to expel the Arabs and rebuild the holy Temple due to our lack of faith in G-d and fear of the Gentiles?
4-      Is it not symbolic that the number 40 appears in most of the headlines in reference to the number of victims who were killed in the first day of the flames that are still raging out of control? Is it not significant that most of the 40 killed were the new class of graduates in the prison guard course who were on their way to help evacuate the Demon prison? As Israel presses on for another satanic deadly prisoner exchange that would bring about the release of hundreds of Arab terrorists, the prison containing Arab terrorists is forced by uncontrolled fires and smoke to open their gates and sacrifice their guards on the altar of fire set by Arab terrorists.
5-      Indeed the number Forty was repeated thousands of times Thursday as all of the major Israeli media continued to repeatedly report about 40 dead, and 40 injured (20,000 dunam of forests torched and 15,000 people evacuated from their homes.) All day all we heard was 40 dead, 40 injured! 40 is a unique and special number in Judaism. In his book 40 Years, Rabbi Meir Kahane points out that the number 40 is used again and again in connection with sin and punishment. (Forty days of rain, forty years in the dessert, forty lashes, etc). As he writes: “Over and over through the Torah we also find the use of the number 40 in reference to a grace period, in which the Jew could repent and prevent a decree of punishment. So to speak, it constituted G-d’s last hope and prayer that Israel would heed his final warning, their last chance to return to their Father in Heaven.”

6-      Faith in the gentiles or in G-d ? 

Our sages teach us that the spies sent by Moses to report on The Land before the tribes of Israel would conquer the ancient land of Cannan, toured the land for 40 days. It was in those 40 days that the fate of Israel was sealed. Tragically they chose the route of “fear of the gentiles” and lacked the necessary faith in G-d to conquer the land, and rely on His delivery from their giant enemies. The Jews were then punished with forty years of Exile (Numbers 13-14).

Will the leaders of Israel continue to behave like the ten spies who brought Exile and disaster upon the rest of Israel due to their lack of faith in G-d and due to their fear of the gentiles? Will we continue to freeze and surrender land to our enemies and bring about further tragedy, G-d forbid? Will we continue to allow enemies to live in our midst and kill us through guns, bombs and fires G-d forbid? Will we continue to allow our enemies to defile the Temple Mount and plot the destruction of the Jewish state from Judaism’s holiest site in Jerusalem?

7-      Our salvation will not come from Greek and Turkish planes but form G-d

Will this historic tragedy of lights on our festive day of lights awaken the nation of Israel from their slumber before it is too late? Did the forty plus dead die in vain or will they represent the changing point where we replace our fear of the gentiles with faith in G-d to extinguish the flames of self-destruction while there is still yet time?

Will we look up to the Heavens for our salvation or will we continue to look to the nations of the world to save us? Hezi Levi the spokesmen from the Fire Dept. in Haifa was quoted several minutes ago on YNET saying, “There is no doubt that we will succeed in putting out this fire, it may take us til noon today or until 4:00 PM, this fire will stop, and we will put it out.” Hezi Levi continued, “with help from the air (in reference to the fire-fighting planes being sent to Israel) we will see the results with our eyes”.  (editor’s comment: Not that we should reject the help of the nations. But to rely upon it or to place our faith in it?)

Poor Hezi (Hezi in Hebrew comes from the root to see, or vision) like the rest of those who lead Israel down the path of destruction continue to lack basic vision and refuse to look to G-d for our salvation. Hezi and the leaders of Israel look into the air for the salvation to come from the goyim, while refusing to look up at the Heavens for our salvation.  “Esah Einai el heharim meayin yavo ezri. – I lift up my eyes unto the hills – from where will come our salvation.

As we celebrate our victory over the Greeks the Israelis place their faith in the Greek and Turkish planes coming to save us. G-d help us. May we all take a moment to look up at the burning hills of the Carmel and ask ourselves why has this come upon us on our holiday of lights and what should we do to prevent  future tragedy?

9-      Yishai should resign for lack of firefighting  readiness but more so for his lack of readiness to expel the arsonists who start the fires

The nation is pointing an accusing finger at Interior Minister Eli Yishai for the lack of readiness and preparedness of the fire department.  Everyone needs someone to blame and surely Yishai has not done his job and should resign. However, once again we are missing the broader picture. Arabs lit this fire, whether it was accidental or arson. Arab Israelis have been caught lighting many, many fires.  Not to mention other daily acts of sabotage and murder of Jews. If it is not fire then it is cars or bombs or knife attacks. The root of the problem is not the lack of modern fire-fighting equipment. Of course this is also a problem that needs to be dealt with, but hardly the root of the problem. This public lynching of Yishai comes now to once again sidetrack the real issues, which is not the lack of fire-fighting tools but rather the lack of action against those who ignite the fires.


One last point, to show how G-d works in mysterious ways: Yishai from the Shas party, the man (and the party) who have empowered Bibi Netanyahu to betray the land and to appease the Arabs and the Americans by freezing Jewish land and plotting the expulsion of Jews from their homes, so as to maintain his position of power in the government, now is on the verge of being ousted in shame from his position!

11:00 AM I received this update and call from a friend. The fire appeared to be under control but is now again raging. My name is Shmulik, and I am part of a fire-fighting unit and a search and rescue unit that has been volunteering in the field for the past 18 hours, non-stop. We are deep in the area searching and recovering the burned bodies of our fellow- fire-fighters. As tears continue to flow, we continue to search for live or dead heroes.  We have just placed the body of one of our Afula fire-fighters in our van, to keep the media and vultures from filming the body mostly turned to ashes. I would like to urge anyone who wants to play a future role in saving lives to consider joining our rescue unit, based out of Mishor Adumim in Jerusalem.
Yeshiva students above the age of 17, university students, young people before and after army service can all receive free training and donate a few nights of their time every month.
We are currently also trying to put together a special dog unit to help search for missing people and to help with future rescue efforts  in forests, wilderness, and G-d forbid collapsed buildings due to terror or earthquakes.  The specific unit that I am a part of is also connected to a unit that protects lives with patrol dogs in vulnerable Jewish border towns. Unfortunately it is the same battle to defend Jews against terrorists and against fires and other catastrophes that they bring upon us.
You can play a role in saving lives by joining our upcoming fire-fighting and rescue course and by supporting our life-saving efforts. The equipment, vehicles, petrol and dogs all cost money. We are volunteers and rely on additional volunteers who love Israel to join us and to support us. If you are young and fit please consider joining our unit, send an email to or call 0544876709.

Additional thoughts to ponder:
The following additional and related commentary was sent to me by Yosef Regev:
Hashem seems very angry , 0 rain  in Israel by 27 th of kisleiv , a first in   history    ,  our inability  despite our technology to do anything about it,  then  to  further  accentuate our impotence, the technologically sophisticated cellcome is brought to their knees as their cellular network crashes and they  have no clue what happened ,   18 hours later  a fire spreads in yearot karmel  and is totally out of control , firefighters are unable to  do anything as the eastern winds intensify and the fire spreads, Israel reaches out to the international community desperately pleading for help - the planes and help start arriving but   they are unable to get control of the fire ,  as the  easterly winds strengthen.   The Rav harashi  heads to the kotel in a special tefila  session  and pleas  for the country to  say tehilim, daven and  return to Hashem.  Thousands are evacuated,  40   dead,   thousands of  dunam of forest  burned to the ground,   yishuvim  disappear  in the flames and the fire threatens to spread to northern Haifa .  Scary stuff -  and  doesn't augur well  for our future. Paradoxically all this destruction dryness and fire  reaches its crescendo  on chanukka when we celebrate the return of the shechina to the mikdash - Temple and  am yisrael  symbolized in the neis of the neirot .
After years, when  the neis of the neir haMaravi ceased to  occur regularly,  while the Jews  moved closer and closer toward Greek culture  and Hashem moved further and further away from us hashems response to the  the Macabeean  revolt against Hellenism  and their return to the  strict adherence of  the torah was  the return of the shechina.  One could certainly argue that  there is a message here  and that its time for…

And my comment to this article:

 See this very recent post:
I pointed out here that the chief rabbis committed a terrible Chillul Hashem by going and praying to Hashem for rain in the company of idolaters, under the aegis of chief idolater pope Benedikt. Remember that Mount Carmel was the site of the battle of prayers between the prophets of Baal and Eliyahu Hanavi long ago, where of course Eliyahu prevailed. Could there be a connection between these fires at Mount Carmel, and Hashem's anger over what the chief rabbis did, which in essence was to equate Hashem to the idols, putting all on equal footing? Even though later they called for specific prayers at the Kotel, the damage was already done.  

And look what else has been going on in the Carmel Forest, another terrible Chillul Hashem by ISRAELIS:( forgive the images, but you need to see this to understand); carefully listen to the lyrics of the first video (since I posted the following two videos, which were posted on YouTube for all to see, the owners of the video apparently decided to make it private - I guess nobody wants to sin in public!  At any rate, they sing: "... We are pagans and we are proud.... no more Ten Commandments..." or something to that effect - it is a full-scale rebellion against the Lord most High: as Chazal say, people turn to idolatry so they can give in to their basest urges! You can clearly see the contraption with ribbons at the beginning of the video, it is the exact same contraption found in the third video, which explains Beltane. If you want to understand more about this idolatrous worship with their prostitute priestesses of the 'goddess', read The Mists of Avalon: it describes the rite quite well. Beltane is an ancient British pagan rite of spring).

So now, no more " I AM PAGAN AND PROUD ", no more blind orgies, no more fires of Beltane... Instead, fires of death and devastation. 

ו  אִם-יִתָּקַע שׁוֹפָר בְּעִיר, וְעָם לֹא יֶחֱרָדוּ; אִם-תִּהְיֶה רָעָה בְּעִיר, וַיהוָה לֹא עָשָׂה. 6 
Shall the horn be blown in a city, and the people not tremble? Shall evil befall a city, and the LORD hath not done it? 

Amos 3:6, the Haftarah on the week the disaster struck.

That is what happens when Jews turn to idols in Eretz Yisrael. this is what happens when ANYONE does evil in Israel.

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