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Monday, July 2, 2018

Better be prepared.... I had warned you about Antifa months ago: it looks like they do have plans for July 4th, and not good ones!

This was posted today on the Alex Jones show; he usually has pretty good information. By the same token the following article was posted on another website that usually also has pretty good information. It's a pretty complicated article, but with concentration I was able to make sense of it: encouraging, yes, unfortunately it appears to show a rather longer term goal, while July 4th weekend is right around the corner.

According to this second article it seems the Trump team is getting ready for the savages. The question is: who will be there first, and who will win this battle? It does seem, I have to say, that civil war IS on the way in the US. On the side of Antifa of course you have the Muslims and their barbaric tactics, you have the communists - with the new president of Mexico - "AMLO"  just elected today - an immediate threat, you have the extreme leftist socialists, whatever is left of the Democratic party, and of course the Deep State, Soros, the UN, and at their head, ROME. On the side of Trump are decent, normal people who believe in G-d: Orthodox Jews, conservative Xtians, conservatives in general, Israelis. So, who will upend whom? Who will be there first? We shall see: this is coming out of left field - literally! Let's stay very, very alert for the next few days, this is serious business. 

For reference here is the last article I had written about Antifa last November:

Stay safe, everybody!



Well, well, well... It seems that Trump knows exactly what to do.... sigh of relief. Maybe the US will be OK after all? Maybe the criminals will actually be punished?? Wouldn't that be nice!

Meanwhile violence is burgeoning:

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