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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Blood curdling news, PART IV: What did I tell you in Part I: here is the proof of what I was saying: Allah's as good as Molech for all practical purposes!

Folks, we need to be aware whom we are dealing with here: Islam is a seriously evil idolatrous cult masquerading as monotheism!

Now you see how it all fits in with the Luciferian cult of child sacrifice to their deity, the fallen angel Satan - the angel of Esav/Edom.  Can you now see why Luciferians and radical Muslims get along so well?!

We have some horrible news here today that I cannot even discuss, they are so painful; I am talking about the deliberate destruction, BY THE STATE OF ISRAEL, of 15 Jewish families' homes in Netiv Ha Avot in Elazar, Gush Etzion. I am too shaken to even be able to write about it; maybe in a few days. Terribly sad day for Am Yisrael. Rosh Chodesh Tammuz is tomorrow night,  so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised that it happened today, if it was going to happen anyway. No words. The state of Israel, despite the good people present in the Knesset, is showing that it hasn't changed its spots: still the same old Deep State. We should call it the DEEP STATE OF ISRAEL: how is that for a proper description?

India: Muslim man sacrifices 4-year-old daughter

Father says he had to offer that which he loved most to Allah during Ramadan, so he slashed her throat.
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Gary Willig, 

Indian policemen
Indian policemen
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A Muslim man in the Indian city of Jodhpur slit his four-year-old daughter's throat in a sacrifice to Allah, the Times of India reported.
Nawab Ali Qureshi, 26, admitted to murdering his eldest daughter Rizwana on Friday as a sacrifice for the month of Ramadan.
Qureshi took Rizwana to a market to get sweets. That night, woke her and took her to the balcony. Qureshi recited verses from the Koran before slitting Rizwana's throat. He then went back to sleep.
Qureshi's wife found their daughter's body at approximately 3 AM Saturday morning. He initially blamed the family cat for slashing her throat, but later admitted to the murder.
Jodhpur police reported that during his interrogation he stated: "I love my child more than my own life" and therefore "I offered my daughter as a sacrifice."

SEE PARTS I, II AND III to understand the context.

UPDATE JUNE 14, 2018...

...And today's news, from A7:

"Police arrest Isafiyeh resident for trafficking in child pornography."

Do you get the picture yet???


DS said...
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DS said...
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DS said...

Chava wrote:

Yes. Evil is coming to the forefront in a most unprecedented way, since before the Great Flood (מבול).

I thought we were supposed to have a law making the gerush of Jewish towns and neighborhoods out of the question anymore. What happened? What REALLY happened here?

DS said...

DS replied to Chava:

Agenda 21, if you ask me, that's what happened. We are the canary in the coal mine; they are Beta testing Agenda 21 on us . I will write a post about it soon, but not today, I can't, I am too shaken.