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Sunday, November 12, 2017

What are we seeing at night, here in Israel.... PART IV: Now I saw it again, this time during the day!

Hi to all,

I don't know if you have been following my story about chemtrails and our skies since October 22nd: I have been religiously documenting what I observed , specially when something unusual would occur. See here for my observations, in the comments section:

Well, today, as usual, around 11:00 AM I went outside and looked up to the sky; I noticed multiple horizontal chemtrails, specifically in a westerly direction - towards Arab Hevron, as well as several  clouds. I wondered why chemtrails today, whereas for the last week or so there barely were any! My answer came around 3:40 PM - 4:00 PM, when I was outside, casually looking in the direction of the setting sun. The sun was still relatively high in the sky, brilliant and free of clouds; I was facing the sun directly, took a chance ( I know it's very dangerous to do that, but for some reason I couldn't resist) and looked. To my great surprise I saw the bright yellow disk of the sun, but it wasn't round: attached to it was a SECOND body of light, same color, same brilliance, about one third or less the size of the actual sun, sitting in the 12:00 to 2:00 position, above the sun but not exactly centered, tilting more to the right. It created a combined surface that looked uneven, with the top much larger and sticking out of the main mass. A shame I did not have a camera, again! I kept looking in that direction but was afraid to keep looking straight at the sun, as it is dangerous; nevertheless I did so repeatedly, albeit from an angle, but I still managed to hurt my eyes: it  is now 10:26 PM and my eyes have been burning non-stop since this afternoon. I sure hope and pray to G- that I did not injure myself permanently, G-d forbid. 

Then when it was time for sunset, the clouds that had been created earlier in the day COVERED the setting sun, so that only light shone through in two places, but one could not distinguish the sun and its accompanying body. So that's why they needed chemtrails today! "They" really don't want us to see these unexpected phenomena.

I looked online to see if anybody had seen anything similar, and I stumbled upon this short video from WSO:

Here is the same video, different version: somebody HACKED MY E-MAIL AND KEPT ACCESSING MY BLOG; when I tried to SEE this video it had just DISAPPEARED! So I posted it again. I hope you are able to see either of them. If it doesn't show - I see that on the blog I am not able to see it, only in my own "Edit" version, - go to the link here:

( it spells watch, question mark, v, equal, Capital C, o, h, Capital Q, j, number one, Capital B, m, two, t ,o ,)

I know Steve Olsen has been discredited recently by  Scott, who accused him of dishonesty. I don't know if that is true of not, but lately Scott has been busy hammering at other Planet X researchers, the most recent attack I am aware of being against Rav Yuval Ovadia, here:

 I had to intervene and scolded Scott for his relentless attacks against other Planet X researchers.  See my comment in the comments section. I have no idea whether what he is saying about WSO is true or not, but his goal is to get us to ignore WSO and all other channels. He almost succeeded with me, as I was getting disgusted with the whole Nibiru/Kochav Yaakov saga and information. But seeing this sight again today in the sky forced me to look for answers, and it seems WSO , in the above video, does have a very similar capture to what I have seen, except mine just looked like an extra sun- like body.

I just wanted to share this event with you, my dear readers. I only hope I didn't injure myself today! Please pray for my eyes. Thank you.



Today, Monday November 13, in Kiryat Arba, the sky was absolutely covered with chemtrails from morning till dusk, when they strangely dissipated. I noticed them particularly in a southeasterly direction in the early morning ( I usually can't see sunrise because of buildings blocking my view; today I was on the road early and so was able to see what is happening on the eastern side). If you pay attention to the WSO video, he suggests looking at the sun at sunrise, so as to see the strange body captured yesterday. But what happened? Sunrise was absolutely foggy, dusty, covered with a fine powder that became worse and worse throughout the day. So in Kiryat Arba, and even more so in Jerusalem. There the sky was absolutely covered with these ladder- like cloud formations that had lots of chemtrails and round, fluffy clouds interspersed between them. What are these? They don't appear to be produced by flying airplanes. How about by drones? Could it be that drones were used instead of planes? This is just a suggestion; the size of the laddered clouds was so short, and they were staggered in such an orderly fashion that it suggests to me that, if CERN wasn't responsible, then some other means of dispersal was used. What? Or could it be, as Rivka Levy suggested, a natural occurrence from Above? I really don't know. I also noticed large rings of chemtrails both in Jerusalem and in Kiryat Arba. And the dust - or were they sprayed powdered chemicals - was very thick, like a palpable cloud  low in the atmosphere. I saw quite a few young people coughing with a rather sick and deep productive cough. So I ask you: what on earth are they spraying, why, and how?

By dusk in Kiryat Arba, as mentioned, the clouds had dissipated and the sun was shining brightly, round as ever, a perfectly normal sunset. What I suspect is that "they" decided to keep the skies covered only as long as necessary.

My message to "them": Enough already, stop poisoning all of us! What are you so afraid of, do you think we are children, do you think we can't handle an act of G-d?



UPDATE #2, Wednesday ,November 15, 1 AM:

Hey, I think I know WHO ( or I should say WHAT) hacked me: AI in Saudi Arabia. It does make sense: I was hacked shortly after I had posted the article on Saudi Arabia. The video below exposes something very, very important for us to understand. And according to the following discussion about AI, it seems that this robotic intelligence has the ability to follow everything and everybody. To me, this makes a lot of sense ( I am only speaking about the interview of the two men; the woman's commentary is another story altogether, I am not relating or referring to her comments in any way). So, welcome to the hacking world of Artificial Intelligence! How do you like that??

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