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Thursday, October 26, 2017


  • To all, 

  • Various sources point to potentially devastating events coming, in particular to the US.

  • Please watch, read.


"....twitter and facebook will be used to notify the public if this “is a drill or an actual event”."
I have developed a hypothesis that ties together all of these dots. I think it is very likely that a November 4th event, similar to what is described, is indeed in the works. The UN is prepared and has deployed EMP proof communications. Does that mean that this will become operational on November 4th? That is not always the case beecause public exposure, similar to this article, can change the dynamics, but not necessarily the direction of the plot. However, as this scenario is unfolding, it is safe to conclude that we are looking at a plot to destroy America in one fell swoop. Additionally, I believe that under the cover of Korean War II, this deed could be carried out and the North Koreans would be blamed. Further this could provide the backdrop for taking Trump out of office....
...Yesterday, I wrote an article in which I detailed how I believed that the forces of darkness that were coalescing to remove Trump were ready to act. Today’s revelations strengthen that belief. America beware."

According to this video which I posted on October 25, as you can see from 0:30 to 0:50, for twelve days starting October 25, Nibiru will not be seen from earth, after which it will reappear. THE TWELFTH DAY IS NOVEMBER 5th! What is the connection with a coronal mass ejection on those dates: is the CME a good excuse for a false flag?


We are also all aware of Antifa's threats to "Occupy" major US cities on those days. backed by George Soros and friends.

Here: this summarizes everything much better than I could do it:
 And here is the original reporting source ( starting at 7:08 minutes): Infowars!


According to Rav Kessin - see videos below - 11 and 17 of Cheshvan are very special days connected to Mashiach.
  • Sat, 4 November 2017 = 15th of Cheshvan, 5778
  • ט״ו בְּחֶשְׁוָן תשע״ח
  • Parashat Vayera (in Diaspora)

  • Mon, 6 November 2017 = 17th of Cheshvan, 5778
  • י״ז בְּחֶשְׁוָן תשע״ח
  • Parashat Chayei Sara (in Diaspora)

17 Cheshvan
17 Cheshvan
17 Cheshvan 1656 - 2106 B.C.E.:The rains of the Mabul (flood) began to fall (according to Reb' Eliezer) flooding the earth and rising above the highest mountains. Only Noach and his family survived, in the Teyva / Ark built to that end by Divine command, and a pair of each animal species, who entered with him into the Teyva.

17 Cheshvan 5688 - November 12, 1927:
Josef Stalin became the undisputed ruler of the Soviet Union as Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Communist Party.

And then finally there is this very interesting post which I wanted to share with you:

Everybody stay safe, heed the warnings!




DS said...

Batzion writes:

Wow. You write at the end to stay safe - how can we do that? And what about our relatives in the US?...

DS said...

DS answers:

Look, I have no idea what will really happen; maybe nothing. I spoke with ... in the US, he is convinced that nothing will happen. Even Dave Hodges states that "maybe" nothing will happen.

What I asked my family to do is: have everything they needs at home, cash on hand enough for a while, fill up the car. Now Steve Olsen recommends a scanner, ( he explains in his 3 minute video what that is). ( We purchased walkie-talkies last month for emergency situations). Also, enough water, enough batteries, non-perishable foods. I would add: try to stay far away from big cities, because we don't know which cities Antifa will start trouble in: most likely LA, NY, and a number of others. Do a search on November 4th and Antifa. Regarding the EMP, if it really happens, they are toast.

Whether it would affect us here, I have no idea. Most likely NOT if it is NOT a real EMP. Still it can't hurt to also have food, water, gas in the car, batteries etc. Just in case. But I think we are probably a lot safer here.

Tikvah said...

This might be of interest of what "they're" planning for mankind.
Once again DS, thank you for your blog. Keep up the good work and I pray that eyes are opened to the evil around us.
May Mashiach come soon.

DS said...

Thank you so much for this video, Tikva; bone chilling is the word. Unfortunately I believe every word this man is saying. I added the link to my CHAT box; maybe this way more people will see it.

If you go to the blog END OF DAYS, in the comments section of "The Tehillim...", you will see that I posted a link to this post on 10/26. Read all the comments from then on, you will see some very shocking predictions made by certain Talmidei Chachamim about what awaits the Jews of America. It this doesn't make you want to leave I don't know what will.

Thanks again for your support; sometimes I get so discouraged when I see people's negative reactions to what I write; I am trying to warn people, why do they shoot the messenger??

So, thank you Tikva, and lots of brachot to you. Shavuah Tov, DS

Tikvah said...

You're most welcome DS.
Please do not be discouraged by negative comments; many are unwilling to face the truth for several reasons, so never take it personally.

These blogs are absolutely crucial for those who want to know what's playing behind the scenes. HaShem knows who will listen and who doesn't.

Thank you for your much needed brachot, I pray HaShem protects us all and guides us as to what Jews around the world need to do.

Thank you for the heads up to to the Tehillim post. Going to have a read.

Shavua tov and much brachot to you as well.

DS said...

Thank you and Amen. This is one tough period in history... when the bad days come...."beyom Ra'ah"; we are all at risk here, all swimming in the dark, the only One guiding us is Hashem, day to day, minute to minute. It's becoming quite critical and we better be alert. Please pray that our families and friends in the US and Europe LISTEN instead of brushing us off when we warn them!