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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

MODERN DAY BLOOD LIBEL: typical example of how THE JEWS AND ISRAEL are being blamed for the crimes of the Exchange Stabilization Fund and/or the Vatican.


Hello to all,

In my previous post

you will find a very important video about the EXCHANGE STABILIZATION FUND; in that article I had also explained how banks, i.e."Jewish bankers", are always blamed for the massive financial and other crimes perpetrated by the above entity. Today I found another video that elaborates on that same topic from another angle, the angle of Jew hatred "for a  reason":

What this video demonstrates is synergy between the guest speaker, who while not himself actually doing the blood libel, is certainly assenting to it by not protesting - he is qualifying his accusations later, [but too little and too late*] - , and the interviewer, who is quick to jump in and add his take on the story, adding fuel to the fire. Read up on the various blood libels in history, see how they spread, each person magnifying the story, adding his or her own grain of salt...typical!

 The whole video is interesting, in that it details the staggering, massive theft and pilferage that exists at all levels of US government. The part I find the most outrageous, though, starts at around 21 minutes; listen how the interviewer lowers his voice as he starts slandering the Jews, Israel, "the Zionists", "the Rothschilds", and Trump's son-in-law, - essentially blaming Am Yisrael, the People of Israel,  for all of the world's trouble while denying that he does. Nothing new there, typical historical antisemitism. However what is relatively new ( less than a hundred years old) is the incredible shadow entity, the ESF, described in the previous post, which is very likely doing the stealing, - it wouldn't be the first time, would it - or if not that specific entity, then some other similar Vatican-connected entity by any other name.

And then listen at 25:21, VERBATIM ( by the interviewer):


Not only is the information incomplete, it is also totally misleading. The link to the Pilgrims Society ( "the Silver Stealers") in the written article mentioned below, however, is informative, and points to ties of these criminals to the Crown of England, AN UNDERLING SUBSERVIENT TO ROME! Again, no matter which bank is fronting for the shadow entity, the entity itself is NOT the Jews (although they do benefit financially a great deal, not a doubt); it is NOT the Federal Reserve; it is NOT the banks: it is, among others, the EXCHANGE STABILIZATION FUND, and/or other VATICAN/Jesuit connected financial entity or entities, whose huge sucking sound you hear, evidently coming all the way from Rome via London and/or other tentacles! 

In addition, I am surprised and shocked to find out that even Eric Sprott, a respected and well-known billionaire investor and CEO of a Canadian silver investment fund, has joined the chorus by authorizing this article posted on February 12, 2016 on his website, Sprott Money - by the very author interviewed in the video above, Jeff Nielson!

With other words, the same claim, leading to blood libels, resurfaced this week after appearing in video form last August.

That article made the front page of Zerohedge right away, here:

and got four and a half stars out of five, meaning many people read it and liked it. Considering that Zerohedge is a popular and widely read news website, one could say that the calumny spread like wildfire. Read some of the comments below the article, get the picture.... 

For clarification,  this article here ( if you want to believe its every detail - quite a rich article discussing many issues, but among them it shows the famous pyramid and the One Bank clearly)

 describes in more details the pyramid Jeff Nielson bases his article on.  Nielson conveniently 'forgets' to mention that the One Bank consists of the CROWN OF ENGLAND and the VATICAN. Oh, and by the way, maybe he should have mentioned as well that the Rothschilds are merely the Jesuits' bankers, and don't own the vast fortune that is attributed to them,  500 trillion dollars: they are merely its guardians, while ROME owns those untold riches!

I am not making excuses for the Erev Rav, for the "mixed multitude": Jews without Torah can be the absolute worst, we know that; and the Rothschilds, not even Jewish many of them, are immensely wealthy, no doubt. Yet it is typical antisemitic fare to ignore the non-Jewish monsters behind the scenes while pointing fingers at all Jews involved.

You thought the historical BLOOD LIBEL against the Jews was gone and done for? I beg to differ. The blood libel is alive and well, except in America - or is it Canada? Whichever; on the American continent - Jews are not accused of killing Christian children in order to put their blood in Matzah; instead they are blamed for spilling the blood of Christian sons and daughters through interminable wars.

Where is the Maharal, where is the Golem when we need them? Time to turn the tables on the evildoers, don't you think? Time to tell the truth once and for all and go after the slanderers, because after slander come pogroms, and pogroms affect all Jews, whether Tsaddikim or Reshaim, whether righteous or evil. We are not done with pogroms yet I am afraid, the way things are going these days, G-d forbid.


* I added the phrase under brackets after CDG's comment; she said it first. Thank you for pointing this out, CDG


CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Also listen after the 21 min mark how he goes into how Donald Trump won't "finger" Israel...if we really had so much power, would we really be this subservient to the nations? I wonder what would happen if we really were in a position to say "no" to everyone who wants us to commit suicide (we're way too slow for them as it is), without consequences.

Or, for that matter, if real Jews would be able to replace those in power today. But that would be for an entirely different reason: Because we really want to obey HaShem. The nations couldn't then blame us for their financial difficulties. HE wouldn't let them!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

DS said...

You are right, CDG. Thanks for your comment.


CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

I also would like to point out that, later in that "after 21 minutes" segment of the video, the interviewer and interviewee agree that it is a microscopic portion of the Jewish people involved in all this crime and corruption, not the whole of us - but by then the average anti-Semitic listener is foaming at the mouth and can't/won't listen. Minus points for the show!

And how many is "microscopic" in terms of a population of less than 15 million in a world of 7 billion plus? We're already microscopic in those terms.

Abba, please reveal Mashiach and crown him NOW, already. I hope I'm speaking for millions of Jews when I say I'm tired of all this.

DS said...


True, they make that distinction. But at the same time they don't fail to include Israel and its Jews in the blame. Typical BDS calumny. So they clearly have to be singled out as virulent antisemites, despite their qualifying statement.

As I said earlier, we need to turn the tables on such dangerous slanderers of the Jewish People. But how do we do that with our limited abilities? Even the great Maharal had to use Divine help; he used the Holy Divine letters to create the Golem - whose actual existence was substantiated by the Great Noda BiYehuda when he was Chief Rabbi of Prague. Alone we can't do it. Yes, Mashiach, who is at the door, can. Who else has the necessary powers to do that?

Avi said...

Hashem is listening. Amerika will be burned to ashes. Mashiach is watching.

DS said...


I can't say I hope you are right - after all my loved ones are there, lots of family, lots of good Jews, and lots of good people. I do hope, though, that Hashem IS listening, and Mashiach IS watching, as you say; and that all the Reshaim of Amerika, starting with all the Nazi heirs and sympathizers, get their deserved fate, none too soon.


Anonymous said...

I have noticed that as well, especially in the comment sections. I want to believe it is paid astroturfers. It is a very sneaky, dirty way to sway public opinion without facts or any one media voice being singled out for antisemitic reporting. Subtle, dangerous, scary, all of those things.

DS said...


Oh yes, antisemitic comments have been going on for years on Zerohedge, without any censure whatsoever. Same on Alex Jones' website, although frankly I cannot accuse him in person; I believe he is a decent, fair human being. However the authors of this video I posted - and article - are a whole different matter!

DS said...

Jack wrote:

Only one statement here is wrong. Christians living w/ Jews has alway been a problem except for some 60 years from 1945, the end of the Holocaust, when Christians were horrified enough by the enormity of what Jew-hatred had unleashed to suppress it. But by now, believing "Palestinian" calumnies against Israel has liberated Christians from their guilt and the old problem is back. Blood libels work, my friends. You had better believe it.

Avi said...

DS, Amerika lived and prosper because was friendly to Jews and protector of Yisrael. Not any more. The new attitude towards Klal Yisrael has sealed Amerika's destiny: a huge fire will engulf her territory. The sun will be blanked for many days, and there is no escape. Amerika's sins are very severed, nothing realy can save her.
So take note for your relatives and friends found over there.

DS said...


Thanks for your concern. Like I don't know?! I have no say on their actions, unfortunately,none.

אורנה ניצבת. דוד מלך ישראל חי וקיים said...

You are not alone...
Shavuah tov!!

DS said...

Thanks. Orna. How exactly do you mean that?

Shavuah Tov.

אורנה ניצבת. דוד מלך ישראל חי וקיים said...

" Abba, please reveal Mashiach and crown him NOW, already. I hope I'm speaking for millions of Jews when I say I'm tired of all this."

I am also tired...of arrogant goyim...that dare to atack us by deeds/words.
I left Holland after atack from muslim youth, kids of women that I use to coach in my free time!!!
It woke me up.
First me, my people, my land.
Not so long time a go an x-tian Arab dared to come to our place to "preach".
Thinking that by being a Baal tshuva (my husband) we know nothing.
Having read works of Simcha Jacobovici and Tuvia ...this avoda zara worschipper came into hot coals!!!
I love and read Orah Oraita by heart...and no avoda zara worschipper will ever dare to preach in my place, in my (!!!) country to me and my family.
How any of gentiles dare to think to teach us something??
All the wisdom of the earth is in the Torah. Do they not realized yet, that we are part of Hashem and when living the TORAH(what is truly possible just in ERETZ ISRAEL), we "know" everything ...
Kingdom of PRIESTS OF HASHEM, that will teach the whole world about the bright light of the TORAH, the only reality.

DS said...

Good job, Orna!

Geuz said...

It grieves me that you left Holland אורנה ניצבת. דוד מלך ישראל חי וקיים, but I understand it also. Not only the imported Muslims, but also many atheists are antisemitic in Holland. To many folk I know over here believe the Pallywood lies.

Propaganda is set out by most Dutch media and education on a daily basis.
Jews that decided to stay in Holland, have set up great defenses against the false accusations. I saw them defending resulting victories several times, although other battles they are loosing.

I think I must disagree with the comment that Christians persecute Jews.
Catholics persecute Jews, Hitler was also Roman Catholic.
Popery teaches replacement theology, while folks that read the Bible tend to be more civilized that Catholics who are prohibited to read the Bible.
There is much wrong in Christianity, but Bible reading based Christianity is also under siege by popery. in the 1500's all people that would read the Bible where murdered, often tortured to death, by the Roman Catholic governments.

During the Holocaust, many Dutch protestants would risk their life, and that off their families, to rescue Jews from the persecution. Jews had no help from the Catholics, because Catholics do not fear G-d. The only Catholics that would help to save Jews, where some Catholic clergy, because they often would read from the bible.

Christian Zionists today, although exaggerating in their idea to get Jews to Israel, help Jews where they can.

Better not use the term "Christian" than, if you don't understand what it means: That the pope is the romanist antichrist. The word papist would be the correct word, but I am not sure whether a Jew will understand such a Christian word as the word papist is. Burning people that read the words of Jesus Christ, it is anti-Christ. The term may not mean anything to a Jew, but Jesus was a Jew, therefor an antichrist is also an anti-Jew.

No Popery

DS said...


I appreciate your comments, and I understand your commitment, however I have to make clear that this blog is NOT a forum for the praise of your human "god" JC. We do not condone his worship, do not encourage his worship, and do not believe in his worship. This blog follows the ONE and ONLY true GOD OF ISRAEL. So please refrain in the future of bringing him up in the comments, if you choose to comment again.

On the other hand we very much appreciate the good work of your fellow protestants in the past, and share in their suffering too. I am sure G-d will reward all those who saved precious Jewish souls from the clutches of death, Hitler and "popery".

Thank you and be well.

אורנה ניצבת. דוד מלך ישראל חי וקיים said...

There are goyim, wanting to keep the precieus Jews in their country to suck their Light out and abuse for whatever form of their avoda zara.
We came to your countries on a mission. Something happened during the Creation and our mission was to find all the sparks of Hashem and bring back. And good job we did!!!
Now by seing this, some pure hearted gentiles realized the truth, stopped the 'milking' of the Light from us and desired to help us. By pure faith without the worschip of any idol they might deserve a place to serve the children of Hashem in their mission.
The process of Tohu becomming Bohu is almost at the end.
ענבי רוש will get their portion that they deserve. Its on its way, just around the corner, waiting to do Justice.
Thank for the hard times, ענבי רוש, for the suffering and persecutions!
It made us strong and purer then a diamond that is needed for building the House of Hashem.
You did the job you was created for!
Thank for that.
Orna Nitzevet.