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Friday, August 5, 2011

These are your enemies, oh Israel! NO, I do NOT believe in Israel's demise: Hashem made a promise to us: we shall prevail, G-d willing, for the sake of the world! Shabbat Shalom


And here below is my latest interview on the Barry Chamish radio show, which discusses this very topic.

 The video you have just watched graphically demonstrates the alliance between these two parts of the 'Holy Roman Empire' ( or so they wish), the Vatican and the Knights of Malta. It is interesting that this video was shot just a little over a month ago; they are obviously up to something! For you to decide what.

Very telling, and to the point:

Notice, at 1:13: "... and there is a little contribution..", and a finger pointing at a white envelope... this just reinforces everything the following interview is all about. How much is in that envelope? How many millions of dollars, or British pounds, are in that "little contribution"? How many people were indirectly robbed for that "little contribution"? How much of that "little contribution" came from major banks controlled by the Knights of Malta? From fraudulent manipulation of the silver market? From the fraudulent foreclosure crisis? From the Federal Reserve? Or from some other similar source?

By the way, if you go back to the history of the Order of the Knights of Malta, you will see that they began during the Crusades, as Order of the Knights of St-John Hospitalier.
"King Juan Carlos attended a reception offered by Gonzi where he viewed the document whereby Holy Roman Emperor Charles V – known as Carlos I in Spain – gave Malta in perpetual lease to the Order of Knights of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in 1530."

( that was in February 2011).

See how closely the Knights of Malta are connected to Jerusalem. Their original and real name was "Knights of the Hospital of St-John of Jerusalem".

Now you see why they are all important to us: they are CRUSADERS, just like the pope, and they want Jerusalem for themselves!They are totally and thoroughly involved in all the shenanigans going on right now with Israel, the Oslo accords, the UN, the PA, the illegal immigrants, even the demonstrations about housing these days; everything, everything, everything!

Here is some more information on the Order of St-John and the Order of the Knights of Malta. In a way, they are similar to HAMAS, which is a TERROR organization, yet which has a front as a charitable organization. The two faces are totally intertwined: the charitable face is the one shown to the world; meanwhile, the quite less charitable face, which is, of course, not in the public eye, is the one dealing with murder, torture, terror, etc. So here, in this order, which is typical of the Vatican modus operandi,we find again the two-faced god Janus of ancient Rome. Another name for this two- faced persona, this mask, is what we call in common lingo "hypocrisy","falsehood", "lies". 

By the way, we should not be surprised that they have the same general organization as Hamas, since we know who created the Muslim Brotherhood: these very same evil and wretched people, these monsters, these arch murderers, these KNIGHTS OF MALTA!

Notice also that not all Knights of Malta are Catholics. You will be surprised to find out that Sweden has a local branch as well; I was looking for Norway's connection to them, didn't find it; but it is interesting that the King of Norway is the head of the Lutheran Church of Norway - and the Lutherans never severed their ties to the Knights of Malta! Peruse the link below for all things Knights of St-John and  Knights of Malta:

By the way, this is NOT my title for the interview,  I didn't choose it. I do not believe for a minute that Israel will die. Hopefully the evil parts of the Israeli government and their allies, the traitors within Israel, will be destroyed, but Am Yisrael Chai! David Melech Yisrael Chai Vekaham! During the War of Gog and Magog these evil ones, these Amalekites, will be totally destroyed.That is the promise made to us by the prophets, directly from God Himself. They think they can vanquish God, just like the generation of the Tower of Babel thought, but they will never be able to: they are but flesh and dust, they are nothing, they have no power, and they are great sinners too. When their time comes, I would not want to be in their place.


Dr Daisy Stern helps highlight you on the real destruction of Israel and who's really pulling the strings in the region. This broadcast took place on the 2nd of August in 2011. Please stick with this frustrating broadcast where Barry Chamish lacks true knowledge of the Vatican".

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This is only the first video, there are 7 altogether. Make sure to watch them all!

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