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Friday, May 23, 2008

I am still alive! And have a happy Lag BaÓmer


Hello everybody,

Quite a few people have kindly written to me, asking what's going on, why I am not writing. The truth is, I am just BEAT! I came back from beautiful California, and suddenly found myself with simply no energy to do anything serious. I just need to relax , take care of my own business, and enjoy life a little bit. I haven't forgotten about all of you; but as you know , I had been working really hard these last few months, and I guess I am just a little bit burnt out; not sick, not dead, thank G'd, not even tired: just plain burnt out. I am sure you know the meaning - when you just have to get your mind off something, plunge into nature, trees, birds, food, people, real work... just deal with life itself. This is what's happening to me right now. I know it is a little bit irresponsible, with Israel and the world on a powder keg right now: but what's the point of writing useless things? It takes a lot of effort to research all the articles I have been sending you, and right now my mind is just not on this quite yet... hopefully soon.

Meanwhile, I hope the world is going round and round without me too.

Truly speaking, part of the reason I stopped writing is because I am not even sure that what I was doing is of any importance. Maybe some positive feedback on your parts would go a long way: knowing that the work I was doing was needed and meaningful: after all, since there is no remuneration in it, at least I have to feel that what I am doing is useful. However, where I get no feedback, I feel that I am wasting my time: so why would I want to continue?

So, your input is also very important: I am willing to keep working on it, but I need to know that it is needed by you.

Some people have clearly shown their interest, and I thank them for it. Lots of others, though, don't really seem to care one way or another.

So please, write to me, give me feedback, if you want me to continue writing!

All the best, Shabbat Shalom, and a Happy Lag BaÓmer.


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