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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Re: the visit of the pope to Aquila etc. where a major earthquake occurred Erev Pessach, here is an interesting piece of information relevant to Har Zion: Hashem knows exactly what HE is doing, but will the pope get the message??


....L'Aquila, whose name means "The Eagle" in Italian, was built around 1240 by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II and was under French, Spanish and papal domination during the centuries. The high-flying bird was both the emblem of Frederick and reflects the 2,300-foot altitude of the proud city.....

Now you understand why the pope is visiting; EVEN ITS NAME is one of the symbols of the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE which he is about to REVIVE in HAR ZION, the future and desired seat of the renewed "Holy Roman Empire"!

Remember that the eagle was also the symbol of the Nazis, of the Third Reich, modeled after the Holy Roman Empire. Fitting for Yom Haatzmaut.

The PROUD city is no more; pride shattered... humility instead?

Was under papal domination...

read the rest of the article: very enlightening.


zab said...

this is the contact form of the German cathlic church. Feel free to write your protests in English, too.
And forward the best article about this and a call for a joint global protest not only to everyone you know but to Jewish communitys all around the world, also to rabbis, synagogues and Israeli embassy - not only your own one.
Let us show them that their dhimmitude is not ours.
And can anyone create an available sticker/ little flagg/ sign?
Be blessed,

DS said...


Thank you for your comment, but it was not quite clear. What do you mean the contact form; what is the contact form? Please be more specific. Thank you

I like your idea of the sticker and little flag, get to work, creative minds! if you create one, I'll post it here, on the blog.