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Monday, April 27, 2009

Emotional closure of sorts


It really hurts to see how this allegedly JEWISH government, supposed to defend the rights of its JEWISH citizens,instead abjectly BETRAYED ALL of us with this Vatican-Israel deal.

It hurts even more to see that the betrayal is still going on as we speak, even as regards Jerusalem.

What also hurts is the indifference of so many people to this national tragedy that should get us all sobbing and praying, and is instead met with an overall lack of concern - except for the select few who feel the way I do. Just barbecues, that is ALL we care about! Give us PANEM! Give us CIRCENSE !

Woe to this nation that forgets Jerusalem: what will become of her?

Still, at least it is a relief to know where to stand: worry, doubt, wavering about facts, are over. Instead is a dark, unhappy certitude, similar to the feeling a parent would feel, I imagine, after finding out their lost son died in a accident, God forbid.

And now, the recovery: what should we do? How should we react? What is the best course of action?

May God give us inspiration, guide us as to the best way to deal with this unmitigated man-made disaster.

Be'ezrat Hashem


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