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Tuesday, June 15, 2010




Dear friends,

Please read this post carefully, if you haven't yet, it explains it all

And this one too if you have a minute:

The VATICAN is behind the flotilla saga. THIS IS BLACKMAIL- read below - . I bet you they threatened Israel with who knows what if we don't comply. PLEASE SEE HOW THEY WERE INVOLVED IN THE PLANNING OF THIS MASSIVE BLOOD LIBEL AGAINST THE JEWISH STATE AND THE JEWISH PEOPLE; they are the ones who caused this massive outpouring of hatred against the Jewish State and the Jewish People. They can turn it on and off at will, with their complete control of the media and of governments.

I had told you last year , in the article "PERFECT CRIME..."
That the Vatican's weapon against Israel, if they don't get what they want, is WORLDWIDE ANTISEMITISM.
I think I have been more than vindicated in my view. They cooperated fully with, if not started this whole flotilla incident, in order to smear Israel completely, and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The goal, all along, was Jerusalem.

Now they are playing their antisemitism card:


Just read what Ezekiel said about the coming of Mashiach and the oil spill, as brought to us by Rabbi Schwartz today: ( read at the end of the post)

While you read that report, notice how Peter Sutherland, the OFFICIAL financial adviser to the Vatican, who also happens to be BP's outgoing CEO, and Chairman of Goldman Sachs International,  joined the board of KOC HOLDINGS, THE  LARGEST TURKISH CONGLOMERATE, in 2009, just about a year ago. Interesting??? And why did he do this just now? What is happening?

After reading the next few links, you will find out that Koc Holdings, an enormous conglomerate covering a huge part of the Turkish economy, is partner with the Italian bank to the Vatican. Now do you see how Turkey and the Vatican are joined at the hip through finance, business interests and directors? Why did the Vatican decide to send their man Peter Sutherland right into the belly of the beast? What is their interest? Is Peter Sutherland only there to LOOK AFTER THE VATICAN'S MONEY, now that the bank is under Turkish control? Or is there more to it?

I want to remind you of the relationship between the Vatican and Hitler during WWII; the Vatican was a full partner in the Holocaust.

This is no different, Turkey and the Vatican each have their role to play, and it is a happy marriage, it seems, albeit with squabbles here and there, such as the archbishop killed a couple of weeks ago in Turkey. But overall, there is solid cooperation between Turkey and the Vatican, solid business ties, commonality of spirit, a wonderful partnership. And what is even better: the Vatican can operate with impunity, under a different flag. IT doesn't get blamed, Turkey is. Not that Turkey doesn't fully agree, mind you. They are working very well together. But Turkey gets the blame, and the pope comes out smelling like a rose.... as usual.... until we find out what is REALLY going on.

I have noted several times that the SERBS are a very good model of the way the PTB deal with Israel.The Vatican is also deeply antagonistic to the Serbs due to their rejection of Catholicism, and wants them dead. We have seen their massacre during WWII by the Ustashe, we have witnessed the injustices and warmongering of the West in Serbia and Bosnia, resulting in great losses for the Serbs. In Bosnia as well, the terrorist organization active in the flotilla incident, the IHH, was responsible for atrocities. And there too, they were supported by Clinton and Western intelligence. The pattern repeats itself with an Israel that refuses the Church's terms. As then, Rome is involved, but NEVER UPFRONT! In Bosnia as well, Turkey collaborated with the U.S.,i.e. with Rome. This is nothing new.

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Now you see how it is possible to operate a flotilla against Israel under a Turkish flag, while it is also a covert Vatican project?

See also how money can influence politics: here is a perfect example:

 15 June 10
Ben-Eliezer said Tuesday that he was opposed to an Israeli boycott of Turkey. Speaking in an interview, Ben-Eliezer said it was important  to differentiate between business and politics. “We must not allow trade to become politicized, and I cannot accept the use of a trade boycott to achieve a political purpose. Just as I opposed boycotts against us, I am opposed to boycotting Turkish products,” he said."

AND NOW I AM SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE TURKISH FLAG ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT, ON HAR HABAYIT: IT WAS A JOINT TURKISH- VATICAN FLAG, and that is why the police did not interfere, why the Israeli government acquiesced without intervening. Don't forget that our president, Peres, is the Vatican boy, and he promised Jerusalem to the pope years ago ( see PERFECT CRIME..., above).

"In 2001, Koç Financial Services is established as a joint venture with UniCredito Italiano, one of Europe's leading banks."
The Unicredit bank was a 1998 merger of three Italian banks, Credito Italiano, Rolo Banca 1473 and Unicredito. Unicredito and Rolo Banca 1473 ran a number of regionally titled banks across northern Italy. After this there were a couple of mergers with smaller Italian regional banks in 1999. In 2006 Unicredit merged with the German HVB which itself was the result of a merger of the two largest Bavarian banks. HVB also bought in Bank Austria Creditanstalt, the largest bank in Austria. In 2003 it took over Capitalia the third largest bank in Italy which had among other banks owned the Il Banco di Santo Spirito, which was founded by Pope Paul VI and as the banker to the Vatican States was one of the first national banks in Europe."



But so far we have no OFFICIAL, PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGED CONCORDAT - and neither should  we EVER sign one with Rome. See how Benedikt signed a concordat with Brazil in secret, how the concordat with Germany enslaved Germany to this day, and see how the Vatican gets into the"kishkes" of any country it signs a concordat with:
Of all countries, Israel should be the LAST ONE to sign ANYTHING with this Ueber Rasha Benedikt.


Carl writes:

Read Isaiah 28:15.  Don't make the concordat with Rome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I did read it, and here it is, in context, with  a lot more meaning than a single verse. Good to contemplate, all of you who went to the Elton John concert to celebrate your imagined victory over Torah, Thursday, June 17, 2010:
יד  לָכֵן שִׁמְעוּ דְבַר-יְהוָה, אַנְשֵׁי לָצוֹן--מֹשְׁלֵי הָעָם הַזֶּה, אֲשֶׁר בִּירוּשָׁלִָם. 14 Wherefore hear the word of the LORD, ye scoffers, the ballad-mongers of this people which is in Jerusalem:
טו  כִּי אֲמַרְתֶּם, כָּרַתְנוּ בְרִית אֶת-מָוֶת, וְעִם-שְׁאוֹל, עָשִׂינוּ חֹזֶה; שיט (שׁוֹט) שׁוֹטֵף כִּי-עבר (יַעֲבֹר) לֹא יְבוֹאֵנוּ, כִּי שַׂמְנוּ כָזָב מַחְסֵנוּ וּבַשֶּׁקֶר נִסְתָּרְנוּ.  {פ} 15 Because ye have said: 'We have made a covenant with death, and with the nether-world are we at agreement; when the scouring scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us; for we have made lies our refuge, and in falsehood have we hid ourselves'; {P}
טז  לָכֵן, כֹּה אָמַר אֲדֹנָי יְהוִה, הִנְנִי יִסַּד בְּצִיּוֹן, אָבֶן; אֶבֶן בֹּחַן פִּנַּת יִקְרַת, מוּסָד מוּסָּד--הַמַּאֲמִין, לֹא יָחִישׁ. 16 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD: Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a costly corner-stone of sure foundation; he that believeth shall not make haste.
יז  וְשַׂמְתִּי מִשְׁפָּט לְקָו, וּצְדָקָה לְמִשְׁקָלֶת; וְיָעָה בָרָד מַחְסֵה כָזָב, וְסֵתֶר מַיִם יִשְׁטֹפוּ.  {ס} 17 And I will make justice the line, and righteousness the plummet; and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding-place. {S}
יח  וְכֻפַּר בְּרִיתְכֶם אֶת-מָוֶת, וְחָזוּתְכֶם אֶת-שְׁאוֹל לֹא תָקוּם; שׁוֹט שׁוֹטֵף כִּי יַעֲבֹר, וִהְיִיתֶם לוֹ לְמִרְמָס. 18 And your covenant with death shall be disannulled and your agreement with the nether-world shall not stand; when the scouring scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it,

Israel Signing Agreement with Vatican?

Tammuz 3, 5770, 15 June 10 04:55
by Hillel Fendel
( Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon is taking part in talks with representatives of the Vatican, Italy and France. Atop the agenda is a possible agreement on a Church exemption for property taxes, as well as an Israeli commitment not to confiscate Church-owned properties.
Benny Kalmanson, a Professor of History at Herzog College and the Dean of Yeshivat Otniel in the South Mt. Hevron region, explained to Arutz Sheva the gravity of the situation: “If these reports are true, it is very grave. Christian churches hold tremendous amounts of lands and assets in Israel, in key areas – such as in Jerusalem, around the Kinneret Sea, and elsewhere – and a promise never to confiscate them will create a great bottleneck in the development of these areas.”
He said that other countries might be able to afford to grant special status to churches and the like, “but in Israel, the proportion of church-owned properties, especially in the capital city, is very large. I don’t say we should confiscate their properties, but I also see no need to make a commitment never to do so. Just as countries have the right to confiscate property for its own needs on occasion, and just like countries collect property taxes from property owners, I believe that the Church should be treated no differently than any other property owner.”
“Particularly now,” Kalmanson continued, “when the Church is not particularly friendly to the Jewish nation – certainly not as friendly as it was under the previous pope – it does not seem very bright to make such gestures towards the Church. The current pope, for some reason, saw the need to begin beatification of Pope Pius XII – whose reactions during the Holocaust ranged from silence to cooperation with and even admiration for Nazism. I cannot understand why there is a need for ‘gestures’ to the Vatican at this time.”
“It could be that the government wants to reduce points of friction in the world because of what happened with the flotilla and the like,” Kalmanson surmised, “but I don’t believe that gifts and gestures of this type will achieve the goal, and in the long range it will only increase tensions between the State and the tremendously large assets of the Vatican.”
It was reported six months ago that talks between Israel and the Vatican had ended with no agreement, particularly on the Vatican’s demand for sovereignty over the Last Supper room on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. It was also reported that Israel had not agreed to the Vatican’s non-confiscation demand, nor to its refusal to pay municipal taxes.
Messages left for Ayalon’s spokesperson were unanswered. An emailed press release later in the day announced only that the meeting had taken place, progress had been made, and that further sessions are scheduled for July and December.


Exclusive Interview: FM Source Gives Lowdown on Vatican Talks

Tammuz 3, 5770, 15 June 10 09:22
by Hana Levi Julian
( “It's been a good day for Israeli sovereignty,” according to a source in Israel's Foreign Ministry who spoke with Israel National News Tuesday evening. The source, who is close to the talks, was responding to an earlier INN report on the status of negotiations with the Vatican being conducted by Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, and requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the information involved.
Q: What is the status of the talks at this point?
A: The talks have focused on three areas: the issue of sovereignty over some 21 properties which the Vatican wants, taxation, and land expropriation. We [ultimately] agreed to maintain the status quo in many areas.
Q: One of the most hotly contested points between Israel and the Vatican is the issue of who controls the Last Supper Room. Has a decision been made on that point?
A: We have taken the Last Supper Room out of the agreement – it's not being discussed at all. We basically reached agreement principle that it will not be part of this agreement. We have wanted the status quo, and they have wanted sovereignty, since negotiations began 11 years ago. At this point, it will not be discussed as part of this agreement, which is progress.
Q: Israel's sovereign right to confiscate land when necessary has been questioned, and there are reports that Israel has made a commitment not to confiscate Church-owned properties. Are they true?
A: We made a lot of progress, and maintained sovereignty over a lot of the property in the Land of Israel. What we agreed is that we will maintain the status quo in most cases. On the expropriation issue, however, there were six outstanding exceptions: the Mount of Beatitudes, Tabha, Capernaum, the Church of the Annunciation, Mt. Tabor and the Garden of Gethsemane. We agreed not to expropriate those properties unless there is an extreme need... obviously if there is a security situation, the State of Israel can expropriate, as is the sovereign right of any nation. But basically, it's only these six properties that the exception applies to, out of 21, after 11 years. That is real progress.
Q: The Catholic Church owns a great deal of property in Israel, and not all of it is used for religious purposes – a major financial issue both for the Vatican and for the State. Can you tell me what, if any progress was made in the area of taxation?
A: It was agreed that the Vatican will be treated like all other religious bodies. This means that on religious properties, they won't be taxed – but they will have to pay taxes on other properties. This is a major point, because up to now the Vatican has never paid taxes on any of its properties in Israel.
“All in all, it's been a good day for Israel's sovereignty,” the source concluded. “We made some progress.


And why am I not surprised? Didn't I tell you the Mavi Marmara was a covert joint Vatican -Turkish operation"? So now it's not covert anymore, the Vatican and the Iranian "Axis of Evil" are openly joining forces against Israel.

‘Flotilla Women’ Invoke Hizbullah and Catholic Prayers

Tammuz 8, 5770, 20 June 10 11:36
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
( A new PR stunt, featuring a ship heading for Gaza and carrying Muslim and Christian women headed by a Hizbullah backer, is aimed at embarrassing Israel into using its mighty force against what will be portrayed as defenseless women.
The Lebanese ship has been christened the “Mariam” and received the blessing of Catholic women who gathered last week at a statue of the Virgin Mary in southern Lebanon to pray for her to bless another attempt to break Israeli sovereignty over the coast of Hamas-controlled Gaza.
Flotilla spokeswoman Rima Farah told the French news agency AFP, "The participants are committed to making progress and our only weapons are faith in the Virgin Mary and in humanity.”
Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon stated, “If there was a mask of humanitarianism on previous flotillas, the mask has been removed completely from these boats, which are carrying representatives of Hizbullah and Iran.”
The women insist they are not affiliated with Hizbullah, but the organizer of the Miriam, Samar al-Hajj, is the wife of Lebanese general Ali Hajj, who is in a Lebanese jail for involvement with the 2005 assassination of former anti-Syrian Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. She reportedly met with Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah last month.
Muslim publicists have pulled out all stops for the women’s flotilla. Al-Hajj called women the “new secret weapon” against the “thieving enemy.” She claimed that some of the women aboard will include those allegedly suffering from cancer as a result of “chemical bombs” that Israel supposedly used in the Operation Cast Lead war against Hamas terror last year.
“This has nothing to do with Hizbullah, although it is an honor for us to be supporters of the resistance,” she declared. She also thanked Israel, which has vowed to stop the ship from reaching Gaza, "for its threats which only strengthened these women's willpower to make the trip. We are not afraid."
The financial backer of the Mariam and one other ship is Syrian businessman Yasser Kashlak, who previously has stated support for Hizbullah. He told the terrorist organization’s Al-Manar television satellite network that the boats will take “Europe’s refuse [the Jews] that came to my homeland back to their homelands.”
Kashlak, like Al-Hajj,insists he has no ties with Hizbullah or Hamas, but last year, he wrote Nasrallah in a letter published in a Lebanese newspaper, "In the name of the Palestinian people… we stress that we are taking the path of resistance…. We ask Allah to extend your life and the lives of all who support Palestine and the noble 'resistance,'" the Arab code word for terror.



DS said...

From SHmuel:

Blackmail is common coin for the Vatican since at least, the Borgias. It is us that not having a true leadership are always caught on the bounce.

DS said...

E. asks:

Do you think that Bibi and other people in the governement understand this dynamic? Is there a way to pass that message to him
I am still not sure why you think that this is Benedikt and not the secular globalists, Bildenberg etc.

DS replies:

They work together. But you have to understand the PECKING order.

Rome is ABOVE them in the pecking order. Soros, etc. defer to Rome, via a number of levels in-between.

Peres for sure understands, he is part of the deal, and so is Barak.

Bibi is playing both sides, it seems to me: on one hand he appears to be on our side, but in effect he goes along with everything they want.

I am sure those three understand just fine.

The question is, the MK's not in the security cabinet, do they really understand?

Re: the Vatican, the proof is in the pudding. See what they gain from it all.

DS said...

E. continues:

Perhaps Bibi does not have a choice but to play it both ways (otherwise they might kill him) Who can help Bibi? Are they behind Rabin assasination and wh), What are Peres and Barak's interests- - money only or do they have any loyalty to their people? Lastly how can the Pope and Soros be "in bed" together? they have opposing ideolgies Soros pushes same sex marriage everywhere through his foundation, what does the Pope get from it?
You might want the Sanhedrin rabbis to send again an announcement.

DS said...

Joel writes:

You're "pecking order" answer is absolutely correct. What needs to be understood is that the Globalist order being established is through an "interlocking directorate" or national and international politicians, corporations, militaries, universities and other non-profits and NGO's etc. The Vatican must be understood as a nation state with the Pope as its head. The Papacy is the religious side of the equation, with the Pope as about interlocking directorate!

It is extremely important that your readers understand the linkages between the directorate of the Globalist order are linked through the ancient Babylonian Mystery religion and its Egyptian and Greek/Roman pagan religions, which has numerous spokes, rays of light, with multitudes of players. Not all of them understand every aspect of this; it is far too complex and interwoven, involving huge amounts of money, perverted sexuality, Free Masonry with its various and sundry lodges (e.g., B'nai Brith (Jewish), Grand Orient (Paris), Prince Hall (Black Americans), Scottish Rite and York Rite (English-speaking), P-2 (Vatican), Skull & Bones (Yale University) etc.) Masons of all stripes hold to the philosophy: Ordo Ab Chao, "order out of chaos." The greater the chaos, the greater the opportunity to bring in massive changes to the existing order. We are seeing this openly put into practice, which helps explain many incidents (e.g., Gulf oil disaster, successive administrations not erecting a security fence on the US border with Mexico,etcccccccccccccccccc!)


DS said...

Joel II

Daisy, as you know, the RC Church holds tremendous sway because there are so many Catholics throughout the world in positions of great power. The RC Church is held in enormous esteem by increasing numbers of non-Catholics in the Globalist structure. Why? Because among other reasons the RC Church has dropped its old views regarding RC Church membership as the only hope for heaven as taught by the old Baltimore Catecism. The current Catecism now stress that the "spark of divinity" resides in every man (Billy Graham holds to this theology) and that if we do the best we can within our own religion...and recognize the Pope as the supreme religious figure in the world, we can be accepted by the Catholics and actually viewed as Catholics, without actually converting. That holds true for everyone...except Protestants, Anglicans and Baptists, who must actually convert. I'm not sure about Eastern Orthodox Christians. Remember Tony Blair officially converted from Anglicanism to Catholicism. George Bush 43 may have already quietly converted, or may yet, I don't know. Bill Clinton was educated in Jesuit-run Georgetown University. He has not actually converted, but he holds very strongly to the Jesuit-Communist political philosophy "The Ends Justify The Means". Peres is seen as a Catholic because of his adoration and service to the Pope. Nethanyahu is a high level Free Mason, so is Sharon and Abdullah of Jordan.

Do you recall seeing the red Fez and insignia of crossed Arab swords worn by the Shriners? To be a Shriner you must be 33rd Degree in the Scottish Rite. The red Fez and insignia commemorates the slaughter of the indigenous (non-Arab) Christian community in Morocco as the Muslims were moving across North Africa in the late 7th Century....

...When the philosophies of "order out of chaos" and "the ends justify the means" are blended, the evil fruit they bear is really mind boggling.

DS said...

In 1974 Erdogan wrote and produced extremely anti-Semitic play called Mas Kom Ya. The play was taken off the stage for fear it would cause the party he was member of to be outlawed. The play described the Jews exactly the way Hitler described them in his teaching and speeches.

In the 70's and the 80's Erdogan joined a radical a radical Muslim orfer named Nkeshivendy that advocated worldwide jihad, that often stated its goal to destroy the State of Israel

Erdogan is the first Turkish Prime Minister who allows fund raising for Hamas

In 1988 Erdogan was jailed for 10 months for extreme activities and incitement against the West and the Jews

Erdogan admitted more than once that without the support of the United States he would have, long ago, been recruited to the destruction of Israel

The World According to Erdogan

Thou Shall Not Kill! except, Jews, Armenians, Kurds and Cypriots of Greek origin

Contributed by Nurit

Jan said...

I saw a letter on Barry Chamish's site from a man who came from the same town in Poland as Shimon Peres. He said there were no public schools, only ones run by religions for their congregants children only. There was no mixing of religions. The man said he, like all Jewish children, went to a cheder. He reports that Peres went to a Jesuit Catholic school.

DS said...

Thank you,Jan, for this really important piece of information. Could you scan that letter and post it here, on this blog? That would be fantastic.

Thank you so much.