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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wow, that was beautiful! There is hope for Trump after all.... Or should I call this post, "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, Part III"?

Trump's heart has been touched, you can clearly feel it: he finally "gets it"! When he says God, he means God. May Hashem give him inspiration to do what is right. Amen

I refer you to this post which is very enlightening as to what might have happened to him during his visit to the Kotel. He wasn't speaking like this when he first arrived! Remember the encounter with Bennett at the airport, how he sneered when Bennett asked him to transfer the American Embassy to Jerusalem: "That's a good one...". And now this. Amazing! Hashem has His ways...

How Donald Trump's heart changed on the day of Malchut she be Yesod, the 42nd day of the Omer that the Vilna Gaon says is so important for prayer for the coming of Mashiach... Wow....!

It seems that this is happening in the Zechut of all the prayers of Am Yisrael.

Now we only need for Bibi's heart to open too; but that's asking a bit much, isn't it - he was too busy "oogling" Melania repeatedly while standing at the podium. What to do; that is what happens when you don't deal with your Yesod: you miss out on the Geulah!


PS: I refer you to this post:

Things looked pretty iffy before he arrived; they look better now, Baruch Hashem. He might still be able to defeat his innumerable domestic enemies.

... And here is more: he is quite a person, you have to admit! 

By the way his vision is not OUR vision. This is not what I consider beautiful, still overall he is quite a president. But may Hashem preserve us from his misguided ideas about Eretz Yisrael! Eretz Yisrael le Am Yisrael, and ONLY le Am Yisrael. Israel only belongs to the JEWISH People,  NOT to imposters and wannabe's. And that includes Jerusalem.

Happy 50th anniversary of the return of Zion, Yerushalayim, to Am Yisrael!

Friday, May 19, 2017

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem.... Part II

So here are Jerome Corsi's mysterious tactics to defeat nefarious propaganda against us. It could be used to counteract negative propaganda against Israel, against Jews of Yehuda and Shomron, to defeat the insidious penetration of Xtian propaganda in Israel, etc. This is the bottom line: change the topic, make it illegal to continue discussing what hurts us. Aren't these Shabak tactics? After all they stem from counter-intelligence,  so it would make sense that the Shabak would use them too, all the time. Now we know their secret and we can respond in kind!

Remember what happened after the discovery of the torture of Meir Ettinger and his friends: first of all the police declared a gag order, and then they kept focusing on the Dura fire, even though there was absolutely no evidence tying the kids to the arson. So they diverted the attention from the topic of horrible torture they were perpetrating on Jewish kids, while making it illegal to reveal any details of the affair; all of a sudden the Shabak was out of trouble, out of sight, out of mind! 

Same thing with the death of the Australian young man who died in their custody, I forgot his name. There are countless other examples. But the fact is, it works, at least for the uninitiated: people bought it hook, line and sinker! Devious as they come.

The truth is, with proper planning, we could definitely learn from these reshaim and give them back exactly what they are giving us. It is permitted to give back to Reshaim measure for measure.

But of course we would have to think very carefully how to apply this tactic to our needs.

Thank you, Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones: good thinking, but so devious! 

Do we want to act like Reshaim, though, or do we prefer to maintain the high road, trusting in Hashem, knowing he will right wrongs in due time? Is this a war, do we have the obligation to fight it, or should we simply be passive and wait for God to take care of the situation? 

Food for thought.

Shabbat Shalom



 ... But look at this article mentioning tactics associated with Trump:

 I am not sure if you can trust the website, however the ideas mentioned in the article are sure  interesting. Many people have read the Art of War - I am not one of them; you might be, and in that case you are not learning anything new here. Whichever way it is, though, I find it interesting that tactics,  strategies are mentioned in one breath with Donald Trump. So I wonder if you can believe anything that is said in his regard, including regarding his upcoming trip to Israel; who knows what he is planning to do: if his way is always to deceive and surprise people for maximum effectiveness, then who knows, maybe his plans are positive but his utterings disturbing.... I don't know; all I can say for sure is: if he helps Israel he himself will be helped, and if he hurts Israel he himself will be hurt.

Shavuah Tov


Thursday, May 18, 2017

How sickening, it makes you want to throw up! The medinah is burying itself deeper and deeper into s..t.

Absolutely disgusting! What a Tzaddik; may Hashem give him long life and all the blessings in the world.
And this is the Medinah that wants our allegiance? This is the state we are supposed to be faithful to? Don't worry, Roni Numa, IDF and state officials behind this all the way up the chain of command, all Erev Rav criminal tyrants, your time is coming as sure as night follows day; you are accumulating sin after sin after sin. Do you really think this won't be noticed up in Shamayim ? You fools!

The Ofer military court today (Wednesday) heard the appeal filed by Elkana Picard against the administrative restraining order signed by Central Command Chief Roni Numa, keeping him away from his home for four months.
At the hearing, Picard was represented by attorney Menashe Yado of the Honenu legal aid organization, who argued against the use of administrative restriction orders in general, and specifically against the use of the order against Picard.
At the end of the hearing, the judge postponed the decision to a later date, allowing Picard to return to his home until 12:00 today in order to allow him to organize and separate from his family.
Picard, a father of six and a contractor working with Jewish labor, opened his house which serves as a kind of warm home for "hilltop youth." They eat at his home on Shabbat, find a sympathetic ear, and Picard even holds Torah lessons for them.
At the time the notice of intention to issue an administrative order was served, he was told by the Shin Bet representative that if he ceased hosting his youth at home, the order would not be issued against him, an enticement that Picard scorned with indignation.
This morning, a farewell event will be held in Yitzhar, attended by all the educational institutions and yeshivas in the town. The event joins wide-scale protest activity that took place recently, culminating yesterday with Yitzhar secretariat's announcement that all further contact and coordination with the IDF will now go through Picard only.
"As long as the order is in effect, any contact with elements in the defense establishment (except for ongoing security activity) will take place only in coordination with Elkana, because Elkana is Yitzhar and Yitzhar is Elkana."
Attorney Menashe Yado, representing Picard, stated after the hearing: "During the hearing, our hands were tied because the main decision was made behind a smokescreen on the basis of evidence that was not presented to us and arguments and interpretations that were not heard. This is the moral choice of the State of Israel to impose dictatorial sanctions against broad strata of the population of Judea and Samaria. The most difficult thing is that the order will give a boost to Palestinian popular terror that will frighten the command's fear of confrontation and increase the pressure, unfortunately, right there in Yitzhar."

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem.....! Some good ideas coming, below

Writing to you from the Holy Land of Israel, from the mountains of Judea....

Nothing can resist the power of the soul, the power of pure Jewish music. Even this communist, Jesuit pope's soul has been stirred by it: look at him swaying! This music, the roots of which go back to the chants of the Levites in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, the Temple built by King Solomon - whose father King David composed the words of the psalm above - , is a testament to the deep connection of the Jewish People to the Temple  and the Western Wall, the Kotel . And now here comes one foolish Trump who, to be politically correct, thinks he can change what God Himself has decreed? So Jerusalem does not belong to the Jewish People? The Western Wall is not the remnant  wall of the Temple Mount? It is not the site that Jews the world over have been praying towards for the last 2000 years?? Foolish, foolish man who thinks he can make the rules! He does not make the rules, God does! This foolish man will bury himself and America along with him if he does not, immediately, recognize that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish People, and when he comes to the Western Wall, humbly accepts as his hosts whomever the owners of Jerusalem, the Jews,  choose. He can still change his mind and save himself and his country, or he can bury himself and his country as well.

Incidentally, it doesn't mean that I agree with these rabbis going serenading this major enemy ( by definition, the Vatican IS our enemy!) of the Jewish People and groveling at his feet, asking for favors. I think they made a serious mistake and serve the cause of interfaith, G-d forbid ; none of them will dare look us in the eyes after this ( although upon listening carefully I hear one man mockingly asking Rabbi Gluck if he asked the pope about the artifacts, I think Rabbi Gluck answers yes, and another man bursts out laughing; so they are not there only to grovel after all - good move and Kol Hakavod!!). Still, this video can serve as a powerful demonstration of our eternal attachment to Har Habayit, the Kotel, Tehillim, the Psalms written by our king David, and of course to Hashem, our One and only God; it can be used as a tool to show the goyim who we are, what we are, where we come from and where we are going, and that's Jerusalem! And we, the Jews privileged to live in the Holy Land of Israel, are staying right home, and that's Jerusalem, that's Har Habayit, that's the Kotel, that's all of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. And nobody will take us away from here, ever, unless Hashem so decrees.

PS:  Maybe the video below could be useful in our PR predicament regarding Jerusalem; this man, Jerome Corsi, seems knowledgeable, and he can give us good advice regarding our PR battle for Jerusalem; there is a follow-up video coming tomorrow too: let's follow his model, and use our collective brains to see how we can change the narrative about Jerusalem and Israel!  

At the same time, this video is proof that if Trump causes damage to Israel, he himself will be done with: the more he hurts us, whether wittingly or unwittingly, the more he himself will be hurt! So the key to his success is doing Hashem's work here in Eretz Yisrael, and not bowing to our enemies' demands. 

See also here:

"It is literally going to take a miracle for Trump to survive the next couple of years."

That's right: Trump needs a miracle: his election was a miracle, and only by miracle will he remain in power. And you don't attract miracles by going against G-d will!

And one more thing: see what the Rizhiner Rebbe Z"L had predicted about the meeting of these misguided rabbis with the pope in Rome:

"  "In the period heralding the Moshiach there will be an exceedingly great thirst for spirituality. So much so that some Jews [in their confusion Ed.] will travel to the pope in Rome to receive his guidance. This will cause a great storming in Heaven, which will result in the fall of many world leaders and kings.…"

Compliments of Shirat Devorah:

 Quite an amazing prediction! If the Rebbe is right, this will lead to the fall of either Trump - if he persists in his current views -, or of his numerous enemies - if he relents -: the Deep State, Clinton, Podesta, the international pedophile rings permeating the circles of power ( the center of which, incidentally, is right here in Jerusalem, on Har Zion! More info about this some other time); G-d willing the end of all  New World Order types and minions.

Interesting and powerful times we live in.

Shabbat Shalom,



It contains Jerome Corsi's secret.

Monday, May 8, 2017

I can totally identify with this candid professor of physics: I have experienced very similar reactions since I initiated the vaccine controversy here in Israel in 2009!

This is what happens to people who search for the truth, in whatever field they may find themselves, be it science, be it medicine, be they political whistle blowers, etc., etc.

But see what Rav Berland has to say about this; it is so true: it takes real courage to be a whistle blower, to dare tell the truth when everybody believes propaganda lies, and one pays a stiff price in reputation, financial rewards, sometimes one sacrifices one's freedom or even one's life! But look at the results!

“The Rebbe says that in the merit of those who accept upon themselves disgrace, people are saved from getting killed.

Everything happens in such a timely manner these days, it's magnificent! The Hand of Hashem is here for everyone to see: first the article on the blog Mystical Paths, then the video on Infowars, then the manifest of the physicist, then Rav Berland's Dvar Torah which comes from Rabbi Nachman... everything is  marvelous! Everything fits together just perfectly, on the day of Yesod shebe Netzach of the Omer, the 27th day, whose theme is humility: the Geulah is surely on the way!

Thank you Hashem.


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hopefully this settles the controversy: rabbis, are you listening???

For my new readers ( others know the extensive work I have done in this field):

You can find a wealth of information about vaccines on this blog; I spent 10 months of my life researching the topic and writing articles about it. Hopefully this settles it once and for all.

Check out the various labels listed below: there are literally hundreds of articles pertaining to vaccines on this blog. Most of the work was done during and after the height of the controversy regarding the H1N1 vaccines, in 2009-2010. Some of you might remember?...

The last article I posted about vaccines, besides this video, was on November 9, 2016.

I decided to post this video because of two articles which appeared on the following blog on 5/7 and 5/5:

I do like Reb Gutman Locks, I think he does marvelous work at the Kotel, he has charm, humor, humility, a wonderful person full of love of Hashem and Mesirut Nefesh. However with all due respect to the authors of both articles I have to completely disagree with them:

Hashem is in charge of everything: He created the cure before He created the disease, and made sure I would stumble upon this very timely video TODAY, so I could refute the information spread by the rabbinical establishment - not only by the authors of the above articles.

Why are the majority of rabbis so ignorant of the facts, and as a result mislead the people? 

Thank G-d I have been given the tools to set the record straight. I know, I will be pilloried, humiliated and defamed as a result, if not worse; but that's OK: it is the price one pays these days for telling the truth.

(See what Rav Berland has to say about this very specific issue here:                )

I can only hope that Hashem gives these misguided Jews Binah and Chochmah in these days of Iyar, the weeks of healing of the Omer: they need to open their eyes and face the truth, rather than parrot the politically correct PTB / MSM version paid for by Big Pharma.

To support certain topics of this video, here is an excellent, relatively recent, and very well researched article by famous and respected Dr. Russell Blaylock. Check out his over 160 references!

Baruch Ata Hashem, Pokeach Ivrim.

Kol Tuv,

Daisy J. Stern, MD

Here is an important update regarding the studies mentioned in the above video; I think this is one more proof that the studies are true, otherwise Big Pharma would not be in a rush to have them removed from public scrutiny!

On another note: THIS GUY IS BRILLIANT! He figured it out; so this is how our fake world is being run!? I would say, time for major lawsuits.

Monday, April 24, 2017

.... And watch this! Live; I hope this physicist's testimony remains on the video after live streaming is over. Quite stunning.

Luckily I also have tons and tons of information on how to protect yourself with foods against cancer. With other words, cancer prevention. I would not wait until exams show you - or I - have been damaged by cosmic rays.

In a future post I will B"H share a lot of cancer prevention information. I am not saying foods can necessarily counteract the effects of these powerful cosmic rays, but at least we can try. We should try.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

They got us fooled, it seems: all this talk about grid chaos, possible nuclear war, and nuclear blast attack simulation over New York might have nothing to do with war after all, and everything to do with Hashem's mighty Hand!!

An End of Days Pessach story

I hope you had a nice Pessach. I haven't posted in a very long time; all these posts I wanted to write never saw the light of day; what to do?....But now.....

The Geulah is supposed to start on Pessach: is this ongoing story part of the Geulah process? We shall soon find out. Meanwhile let's not forget to count the Omer: the theme for today is "YOUR SALVATION IS AWESOME" - see the Hebrew text - how fitting. And we will need plenty of bravery not to get scared by Hashem's awesome manifestation of power.

Read and watch the whole thing in order to get the full picture. It does ring true. Wow!

Count 13 days on Sunday night, April 23, 2017
Today is thirteen days, which is one week and six days of the Omer.
Yesod ShebeGevurah

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rabbi Hier, I am so proud of you! What you did at the inauguration was a real Kiddush Hashem. Now we are only waiting for the same thing coming from Israel!!!!

Thank G-d, the dawn of a new day has come. But the battle against the forces of evil is far from over; at least we are free of Obamanation, yet the foes are busy wreaking havoc as we speak. The task has only begun, both in Israel and in America. But at least the US has shown that its heart is in the right place , that it is rejecting the abominations sewed by the previous administration. Maybe blessings will flow to America again? Only G-d knows.

Meanwhile Israel is a long way behind. If only the Knesset showed the same faith in G-d that the American new administration has just shown!.... The day Israel affirms IN PUBLIC its faith in Hashem is the day WE will earn His blessings too. So, Knesset, where are you? We want to hear the same words we heard at the inauguration in Washington. Bibi, when are YOU going to proclaim a public acknowledgment of Hashem's role in Israel's public life, that we are a nation devoted to G-d and UNDER G-D???? When will the whole world hear this proclamation???

Friday, January 20, 2017

What on earth? ... Or rather, what in the sky?.... Very strange sights in the skies of Israel....

It looks like the battle of good vs evil, - the war of Gog and Magog - right in the skies of Israel!

Shabbat Shalom, and welcome to a new day, B"H.

PS: It doesn't mean that I believe in extraterrestrial life - actually I don't - but this is unbelievable. Anyone of our readers witnessed this themselves?


UPDATE January 25th _ posted January 28th _ in Spain.... what the heck?..... This is really, really weird, strange... what on earth? What in the sky???

Could all these be connected to the description of the Zohar, below? Just BEWARE, THIS GUY IS A J FOR J, or a missionary, I can't tell. Don't take his interpretations seriously, he is NOT a source for us; on the other hand he connects to very important passages of the Zohar as well as to Navi Yeshayahu. So, I divest myself completely from him and his propaganda, but I will check the passages he quotes ( how do I know he is a follower of Oto Ish? The way in which he is surprised that bible codes referring to Mashiach DON'T mention his false messiah - I can't imagine why, lol!!)

And what on earth was this, that happened on January 12th? There are some really strange goings-on in the skies of Israel lately,  paralleling the crazy and evil goings-on in their supreme court: the forced expulsion of Jews from Amona. When you plan evil, act evil, everything about you attracts evil. The government of  Israel today is so bad, just look what they are about to do to the Jews of Amona. So no wonder such a bad, scary thing appeared in the skies of Rishon.


ENEMIES OF GOD HIMSELF, UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF THE SUPREMELY EVIL SUPREME COURT OF ISRAEL... this is what the satanic police force of the state of Israel did today. Shame, shame, shame on them! Israel is asking for BIG trouble from above, and it WILL come to all the evildoers there; while the good, decent, God- fearing Jews of Israel, the true Jews, I have no doubt will be rewarded by Hashem for their sacrifice and suffering. 

Hashem sees everything, everything. He is right there, with us, manifesting His great power in the skies above. Just you wait, enemies of G-d, servants of Satan!


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Here is a great article that supports and summarizes everything I have been writing under the label "muslim terror". Well worth reading and digesting!

To all, Shavuah Tov.

I hope this fast of the 10th of Tevet either found you in good health, or is finding you in good health, wherever you may be.

In Israel we see the desolation in the open, Hashem Yerachem, what with the horrific attack against young soldiers, followed by denial of responsibility by Bibi ( it's all ISIS's fault, of course! Nothing to do with the sham trial of Elor Azariya and a corrupt, heartless IDF leadership and court system). They are so disgusting, there are no words. Of course the murderers are evil personified, and all their supporters deserve the same fate :it will come, it will come, I have full faith.... but how much longer do we have to wait, please dear G-d??? 

Meanwhile this is what is happening in the US. Granted, there is even more information available, but the article below is nevertheless a very good summary of at least a good part of what we know. This blog has uncovered a lot of additional information, which you can find by perusing the labels "muslim terror", "Vatican schemes and lies", "Turkey", and several others which don't come to mind at the present time. 

Good reading, and may Hashem have mercy on all of us! Oy...

Here are 3 links that lead to the article, each with different features - pictures, associated material, etc. They are all worthwhile. But first see this article from Judicial Watch:

submitted   by PleadingtheYiffUSA


    The director of the FBI, James Comey, has stated that ISIS now has a presence in all 50 of the United States:
    ABC 7 News Chicago:
    This presence varies in its form from state to state. It exists in the form of smaller cells attached to mosques run by radicalized imams, paramilitary groups operating out of compounds throughout the US, reinforced by veterans and command figures from ISIS’ Syria theater and bolstered by recruits from American minority communities. If all the reports outlined here are in fact found to be true, ISIS has managed to amass a terrifyingly impressive network across the United States that would be capable of wreaking heavy damage in the event of a large-scale terror incident.

    I. Training Camps

    One of the ways ISIS has established a military presence in the US is by directly franchising out training camps that build operations centers/cells in various parts of the country. Some of these camps are public knowledge although the media has tried to hide them from the public.
    At least one established network of paramilitary training camps has been public knowledge since at least the 1980’s. The Jamaat ul-Fuqra, or “Muslims of America” network has run a network of camps estimated in a report from Sean Hannity to be spread across 35 different locations. The report (linked here) showed a number of Islamic jihadist style military training videos filmed at these sites in the United States. News site WND has placed the number of camps at least 22:
    Here is a map showing the location of most of the compounds run by Jamaat ul-Fuqra:
    The Clarion Project ran a report citing FBI documents which state that in 2014 the FBI investigated the organization “…based upon specific and articulate facts giving justification to believe they are engaged in international terrorism or activities in preparation thereof…” This was due in part to an “accidental” deadly shooting that occurred in one of their compounds, Mahmoudberg, in Texas:
    Mahmoudberg was one of several compounds located on property Jamaat ul-Fuqra had purchased in the area:
    Jamaat ul-Fuqra was based in Pakistan and its leader, Mubarak Ali Gilani was directly involved in the kidnapping and murder of journalist Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped while going to interview Gilani in Iraq. He was questioned but never arrested for the role he played:
    You will recall of course, that the group who carried out the murder of Pearl was Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which was the forerunner of ISIS. This indicates that ISIS has had established connections to this network in particular since at least 2002.
    Hannity’s report and the piece by WND both mention the fact that Jamaat ul-Fuqra has produced a video titled “Soldiers of Allah” where Gilani states:
    We are fighting to destroy the enemy. We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America.
    Despite all of this troubling information, the Department of State does not list Jamaat ul-Fuqra as a terrorist organization. Here is a list of videos both showing footage these Islamic jihadist paramilitary groups have filmed or reports referencing them:
    It appears that there may be a correlation between the states where camps run by Jamaat ul-Fuqra are located and recent terror attacks which have linked to ISIS.
    For example, one of the largest compounds is located in Islamberg, New York. Many of the training and propaganda films made by Jamaat ul-Fuqra are produced at this location. It is interesting that this particular location is so significant to the group when one considers terror activity in the New York/New Jersey area, such as the recent pressure cooker bombings:
    The Telegraph:
    The Telegraph:
    The Washington Post:
    The authorities attempted to claim that the individual arrested, Ahmad Khan Rahami, acted alone and there was no cell. But that contradicts other prior reports complete with footage showing multiple other individuals who were active in the terror operation:
    The “lone wolf” narrative pushed by the mainstream media is a lie in almost every single case. Wherever there is a “lone wolf” there is a bigger wolf pack nearby providing logistical and operational support. We’ve all seen the damage that individual attackers have caused in various terror incidents and how much chaos an entire squad of ISIS operatives such as those who perpetuated the 2015 Paris attacks can cause. Imagine what will happen when all of them decide to attack at once? The death toll in each location might potentially be in the hundreds, if not thousands.
    It is also interesting to note that these pressure cooker attacks happened at the tail end of a spree of “gas leak” explosions in New York. The most recent one occurred in September and was first blamed on a Marijuana growing operation, then a meth lab showing apparent law enforcement confusion as to what and who had actually caused the blast. Others mention that residents didn’t actually smell gas leaking before the explosion. The shifting stories and common stated causes of the explosions are very interesting. When done intentionally, this is known as a “supplement narrative” or a cover story that the public is more likely to accept than what really happened. Here are a number of local news reports on the incidents:
    NY Daily News:
    WKRC Cincinnati:
    In addition to Jamat ul-Fuqra, other Islamic groups in the United States are Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Masjid at-Taqwa (led by Siraj Wahhaj) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). I have not yet researched these other groups, am not alleging that they are paramilitary in nature and merely list them for referential purposes.

    II. Using mosques as centers for radicalization

    In addition to training camps, domestic ISIS terrorists seem to have been groomed to some extent at local mosques by extremist imams. It is of course not logistically tenable to have paramilitary wings located in every single US state. In such cases, smaller cells coordinated by handlers preaching extremist Wahabbist or Salafist Islam are a much more secure and low profile option.
    Mosques in Europe have been proved to be at risk of being coopted by jihadi groups for use as operations centers. In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, French authorities raided a number of mosques and made more than 200 arrests, confiscating 334 weapons of which 34 were described as “war grade.” The raids led to the closure of over 100 mosques in France:
    American security officials have also highlighted that many mosques in the United States are involved to some extent with extremism. Breitbart cited a former FBI counter-terrorism special agent as opining that as many as 75% of American mosques were used by jihadist networks:
    The imams and mosques of specific “lone wolf” attackers in the U.S. have been suspected of having varying levels of involvement in their radicalization process. The Los Angeles cleric Roshan Zamir Abbassi who ministered to the San Bernardino terror attackers was questioned after it emerged he had exchanged a flurry of texts with attacker Syed Rizwan Farook and was allegedly lying about the fact that he knew his wife:
    In a revelation suggesting evidence that mosques can and do play host to more than one radicalized attacker, it was revealed that Pulse nightclub attacker Omar Mateen and American suicide bomber Moner Abu Salha both were enrolled in the radical cleric Marcus Dwayne Robertson’s Timbuktu Seminary.
    In the aftermath of the Pulse shooting, the imam of The Husseini Islamic Center was caught on camera calling for death to gays:
    The imam of the Boston Marathon bombers, Abdullah Faaruuq, denied radicalizing them despite videos emerging of him making fiery sermons alluding to committing acts of violence. New also surfaced that he was on the radar of groups monitoring preachers of extremism before the attacks occurred:
    More moderate imams also spoke to the press talking about how extremist clerics had taken over many Boston mosques in recent years:
    It has also been revealed in a report by The Gateway Pundit that yesterday’s airport shooter, Esteban Santiago lived within walking distance of the only mosque in Alaska. As more information emerges about the cleric running this facility, will we find out that he too has a history of preaching extreme Islamic ideology?
    The Gateway Pundit:

    III. Smuggling Syria veterans and command figures into the US

    A. ISIS operatives’ presence and activity are now being routinely reported at the southern US border
    While developing domestic paramilitary capabilities, ISIS and groups collaborating with them are attempting to move military assets including combat veterans and command figures from the Syrian/Iraqi theaters into the West. These redeployments are likely rapidly increasing as regional and international coalitions have been closing in on their Middle East territories. ISIS movements into Europe among the refugee population are already fairly well documented. Not so well known are a growing number of reports that ISIS members are locating into the Western Hemisphere and infiltrating the United States.
    In 2015, Judicial Watch ran a series of reports based on testimony from various Mexican military sources stating that ISIS was running a small camp just a few miles from the border of Texas near El Paso:
    Judicial Watch:
    The watchdog further claimed that ISIS was paying multiple cartel organizations to smuggle members across the US border using rural smuggling routes and regional airports to avoid the U.S. Border Control:
    They supported their sources with a leaked document from the Texas Department of Public Safety stating that several known members of Islamic terror organizations have been apprehended attempting to enter the U.S. in recent years:
    Additionally cited was a 2004 document from the Department of State, which stated that multiple known Arab extremists were using Mexico to enter the United States, including a top Al Qaeda operative, Adnan G. El Shurkrjumah who was wanted by the FBI:
    These reports follow a 2014 project conducted by Judicial Watch documenting the existence of an operation stretching from the southern border to Chicago being run by cartel and ISIS members to move drugs, weapons and individuals from Mexico into the US. This is especially interesting considering the fact that the recent Ft. Lauderdale attacker was Hispanic:
    Judicial Watch:
    This year, Judicial Watch reported they had been tipped off by a Homeland Security official that cartel groups were helping multiple ISIS members, including leadership figure Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir, enter the United States to conduct surveillance for an attack on American soil:
    Judicial Watch:
    In April 2016 Khabir bragged to Italian newspaper Il Giornale that it would be easy for him to “get in with a handful of men, and kill thousands of people in Texas or in Arizona in the space of a few hours.”
    Judicial Watch quoted Mexican officials who were incredulous that the Obama administration was not taking these threats more seriously.
    Judicial Watch’s reports were denied by Texas DPS Director Robert Bodisch. However, the language Mr. Bodisch indicates that his denial is in fact untrue, though it does not legally qualify as perjury. When confronted about the two reports that Judicial Watch had obtained from Texas DPS contradicting his statement, he merely asserted that neither he nor intelligence officials could “confirm” the reports and he did not accuse Judicial Watch of misquoting their other sources. Notice the language here: to explicitly deny the authenticity of the documents would be to make an untruthful statement, hence Bodisch’s decision to merely state that he could neither confirm nor deny their authenticity. The two reports outlined plans by ISIS operatives to attack Fort Bliss, Texas, and that four of their members had been detained in Texas.
    Politifact made a similarly disingenuous attempt to discredit Judicial Watch’s reports. The report also cited Texas DPS officials who merely said they could neither “confirm nor deny” the documents and sources cited by Judicial Watch. In fact, officials with El Paso’s Sherriff’s Department expressed shock the Judicial Watch’s findings, before their superiors told Politico they similarly “couldn’t provide relevant information” about the report. Again, notice that no authorities have outright denied Judicial Watch’s findings as to do so would be to commit perjury, especially if the official in fact had knowledge suggesting that the reports and information was in fact true. Finally, Politico cited a Border Patrol official who merely cast doubt on Judicial Watch’s reports before it emerged that he had left the Border Patrol in contentious circumstances. None of this refutes the findings and reports of Judicial Watch.
    B. How ISIS can cross from West Africa to the Western Hemisphere
    It is, in theory, actually incredibly easy for ISIS operatives and commanders to leave the theater of war in Syria and move into the Western Hemisphere, potentially linking up with paramilitary forces located in some of the camps mentioned above. South American and Mexican drug cartels have been increasingly running drugs into West Africa using entire fleets of decrepit and unregistered cargo planes:
    The Telegraph:
    In order to move the drugs from West Africa to their ultimate markets in Europe, narco groups have been working to smuggle them in cooperation with multiple Islamic terror groups. These terror groups benefit financially from the arrangement. Below are reports from the United Nations and Financial Action Task Force explaining these business arrangements in addition to an article from The Telegraph outlining the arrangement:
    United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime:
    The Telegraph:
    ISIS has known franchises in West Africa, most notably the Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram. It would logistically possible to move assets from Syria into West Africa via their franchises in Libya and jump the Atlantic into the Western Hemisphere:
    ISIS’ estimated monthly income of $80-120 million USD (and that number relies only on what is public knowledge) also shows that it is financially possible for them to pay their way through Western smuggling networks. All that would be needed is the willingness to outbid competing state agencies reaching out to cartels in the hope that they will keep extremists out of the United States and the adjacent countries:
    Stuff Mag New Zealand:
    As a final note, once ISIS members have entered the United States, it is quite easy for them to take up positions and embed themselves within Sanctuary Cities, where lax immigration laws give them a veritable free pass to move around without fear of harassment from or detection by local law enforcement.

    IV. Radicalizing black American youth

    There are also indications that recruitment and radicalization is occurring in various black American communities in recent years. ISIS has publicly stated its desire to recruit African Americans and exploit unrest caused by police violence incidents to increase sympathy for it’s cause in the black community:
    In some of their recruitment media, ISIS has actually used Black Lives Matter talking points in an attempt to convince Americans to join the organization:
    Recently I came across a nine month long program Black Lives Matter has been running labeled as the “Youth Empowerment Strategy program at Dubai.” The stated purpose of the program is to “to empower our youth with the knowledge, skills and confidence to conduct themselves with poise and professionalism”.
    Here is BLM’s main web page with the program visible in their event calendar:
    Here is the website for the program in Dubai
    Given that it is common knowledge Saudi and UAE state groups use educational programs as a way to radicalize youth and infect them with the Wahabbist ideology that breeds terrorism, what exactly is this program BLM is partnering with? Does it involve religious teaching? More research and demands for clarification from Black Lives Matter is needed to clarify that American youth are not intentionally being exposed to state agents who are radicalizing them.
    It is worth remembering that George Soros funds Black Lives Matters:
    The man who broke the Bank of England makes his money and gains control through sewing economic and political chaos. In fact, documents released by DC Leaks have proved he has used Black Lives Matter protests to further his agendas in the past. This current “educational” program and recent shifts towards extremist behavior should be alarming to many given what is known about the way he uses the organization:
    The Free Thought Project:

    V. The United States government is either negligently ignoring these facts or factions within it are attempting to prevent action from being taken to deal with ISIS

    From what information is publicly available, ISIS or groups affiliated with them are creating and training paramilitary groups around the country, infiltrating American mosques to turn them into centers for radicalization and staging points for “lone wolf” style attacks and attempting to engage in recruitment and radicalization campaigns among American minority groups. It beggars belief that the United States government is not aware of these developments. In fact, Director Comey’s statement about ISIS’ presence in all 50 states implies that intelligence agencies do in fact know of this threat.
    The State Department, who Wikileaks have revealed to have illegally helped Hillary Clinton delay the process of turning email records over to Congress, has tried to deny that ISIS operatives are present on the US southern border.
    Their claims that Judicial Watch’s reports are “unfounded” are in direct contradiction to their reports from over 10 years ago which describe Al Qaeda terrorists operating in and around Mexico in attempts to gain entry to the United States just as ISIS allegedly seeks to do now. And again, they do not explicitly deny the authenticity of the documents produced by Judicial Watch because this would legally land them in very hot water.
    Other reports of government failure to tackle this apparent extremism exist as well. In 2016, the Daily Mail reported that the FBI had failed to inform American citizens that their names were present on a “kill list” of 15,000 potential targets complied by ISIS:
    There are two conclusions to draw from incidents such as this. Either the US government and current administration is so hopelessly incompetent that they are unable to detect domestic and foreign threats which are discoverable by investigative journalists and whistleblower organizations. Or, there are factions within the United States government who are seeking to prevent competent, well-intentioned members of the intelligence community, law enforcement, and legislative/regulatory branches from taking action against ISIS operatives and extremist recruits who are active both on the American border as well as in the United States.
    The fact that certain agencies and news groups have engaged in legalistic denials of reports about the growing ISIS threat to the United States certainly indicate that the latter might sadly be the case.
    One final note
    I am taking this opportunity to go public with my identity and formally introduce myself to all of you here at t_d.
    My name is William Craddick, I am a 25 year old law school graduate.
    I have started a Twitter which you can follow if you'd like here:
    I have also worked with a number of collaborators to launch our own webpage, Disobedient Media. We hope to use it as a place to post research projects as well as archive things we have worked on in the past. Currently the site is a fairly bare state so bear with us while we try to convert it over from Wordpress to something proper over time:
    This article has been uploaded as our first piece and can be found HERE

    Very useful information for your survival... just in case, and G-d willing not necessary! ALSO: EMERGENCY UPDATE ON CALIFORNIA!

    Here is the link for the website mentioned in the video you just watched:

    Trust in G-d but don't be a fool: prepare! There is no shame in preparing: Noah did it, Yosef Hatzadik did it, why shouldn't you??

    Meanwhile things are getting nasty in California:


    Had you heard about what's going on in California these days? Not too nice, is it? What are they trying to do, draw G-d's ire? The gay shenanigans of San Francisco were not enough, they need crime at the highest echelons of government too?

    The state better shape up, or else!

    Friday, January 6, 2017

    More earthquake warnings - from a different angle, literally! - for January 12, 2017. But first....

    The Mediterranean is being mentioned as well: what does that mean for Israel? After all we sit on the African rift; with the 10th of Tevet coming in  a couple of days,  the Paris conference with its 70 nations ganging up on Israel January 15, a massive earthquake in the area would make a lot of sense from a prophetic point of view; Mashiach is clearly on the way!

    And now a very interesting and unusual perspective; fascinating, but is it for real? Who knows. Better safe than sorry, I would say.

    Shabbat Shalom to all, and have an easy and meaningful fast. May Hashem listen to our heartfelt prayers. I hope all my readers stay very safe.

    ... AND VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR CALIFORNIA! It's happening! I would take this seriously - with my very, very limited knowledge of earthquakes; maybe you know better.

    And here, from another source: different perspective, similar warnings. And which countries are next? Our delightful friends Iran, Turkey, Italy, i.e. ROME: wow! Just in time for the gathering of the 70 nations against Israel in Paris on January 15th. Have a wonderful Shabbat!