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Friday, December 12, 2008

Re: Weekly Commentary: Outcome of Likud Primaries Victory for Democratic Values (PM Netanyahu's White House monologue)

Moshe wrote:

right... binyamin kahane hy"d said it straight... "the political system in israel is broken... no salvation can ever come from it... it has to be torn down and built over..." shabat shalom... mosh

And Edith said:

I agree with your conclusions.

I'm afraid it won't work that way. Bibi is a CFR stooge, member since 1988, and will do EVERYTHING the CFR, i.e. US president, asks him to. We've been had again. A Trojan Horse in our house. BIBI is the Trojan Horse, not Feiglin! Go back to the list of CFR members,  Bibi, 1988.

How to get out of this mess? You vote Likud, you get Bibi. You vote opposition, same sh..t.


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